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October 16, 2007

Another opportunity for fundies to bear false witness

Wales: A man obsessed with the Devil has been ordered to be detained indefinitely after he killed a vicar. No doubt fundie sites will be citing this as a case of Satanic crime by the morning, but they would be pretending not to know that he's not been jailed, but instead committed to a secure mental hospital. Geraint Evans stabbed Fr. Paul Bennett repeatedly in the grounds of his church.

Evans was initially charged with murder but his plea of manslaughter was accepted after three doctors presented reports to the court confirming that Evans was a deluded paranoid schizophrenic.

The court heard that he was obsessed with God and the devil and fixated with religion and knives.

...He was a subscriber and contributor to satanic websites using the pseudonym Jack Blade where he declared: I am satan.

Satanist guilty of vicar killingBBC News, 16th October 2007.

October 15, 2007

Man who left fortune to Tories declared to be nuts

Scotland: The will of a man who left £8 million to the Conservative Party has been overturned by the courts on the grounds that he was not of sound mind when he made the will.

Branislav Bane Kostic ran a successful pharmaceuticals business in Switzerland and London, but became convinced that dark forces were out to get him.

He cut his son Zoran, who lives on Marchmont Road, out of his will and instead left his entire estate to the Conservative Party. At the time, he thought that former prime minister Margaret Thatcher would save the world from monsters, and believed she was the greatest leader of the free world in history.

So, clearly bonkers then. The BBC has further details of the extent of his delusion:

He was tormented by delusions that I and other members of my family were part of a worldwide conspiracy of terrorists and criminals who were trying to kill him.

“My father refused medical treatment, because he also feared that doctors would harm him. In the grip of his delusions, my father turned to the Conservative Party for help to fight the conspiracy that he imagined.

The court heard that Mr Kostic had made the will after saying Margaret Thatcher was the greatest leader of the free world in history and that she would save the world from the satanic monsters and freaks.

Rejected son wins back £8m from ToriesEdinburgh Evening News, 15th October 2007; Tories lose £8.3m bequest battleBBC News, 15th October 2007.

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