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April 15, 2011

On noe,not AGAIN!


The letter from Gliwice diocese also warned that in the best-selling books the “dangerous world of magic is presented as good”
“Teachers and parents should teach children to go the Lord Jesus if they have problems, and not seek help and answers from fortune telling,”

As opposed to the fairy-tales of the Catholic church, one presumes?

Harry Potter books 'unacceptable’ because they encourage magic
Daily Telegraph, 16th April 2011.

April 13, 2011

Any old Iron?


Jesus crucifiction nails "found"

The film, 'The Nails of the Cross' by Simcha Jacobovici, follows three years of research during which he presents his assertions - some based on empirical data, others requiring much imagination and a leap of faith.

He hails the find as historic, but most experts and scholars dismissed his case as far-fetched, some calling it a publicity stunt.

Some of us might actually call it the demented ravings of a complete head-case, actually.

Daily Telegraph, 13th February 2011.

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