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March 26, 2002

St. Anton's CoS Primary School

The general secreatary of a teaching union has voiced his concerns about the government's support for religious schools. Peter Smith of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers fears the government will find itself obliged to fund schools run by some extremely dubious organisations:

Suppose, for example, there was an application to open the Osama bin Laden academy: who exactly would say 'No, you can't'? On what justification?

As he invited the (Christian dominated) government to produce a list of 'approved' religions, he told the union's annual conference in Cardiff just how difficult that task would be:

Favouring, for largely historic reasons, some faiths at the expense of others can no longer be justified. However, it will be acutely difficult to distinguish between mainstream religions and cults or fundamentalist sects, many of which are backed by substantial private funds.

Teachers worried by faith schools - Guardian Unlimited, March 26th 2002.

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