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April 7, 2002

Even bishops oppose faith schools.

A group including six bishops and a number of well-known scientists has written to the Prime Minister to express concern over his plans for "faith schools" and the teaching of creationism in British schools. The letter, drafted by Bishop of Oxford, Richard Harries and signed by Richard Dawkins, Sir David Attenborough and others, states:

Evolution is not, as spokesmen for the college maintain, a faith position in the same category as the biblical account of creation which has a different function and purpose. It is a scientific theory of great explanatory power, able to account for a wide range of phenomena in a number of disciplines. The issue goes wider than what is currently being taught in one college. There is a growing anxiety about what will be taught and how it will be taught in the new generation of proposed faith schools. We believe that the curricula in such schools, as well as that of Emmanuel City Technical College, need to be strictly monitored in order that the respective disciplines of science and religious studies are properly respected.

Bishop warns Blair over danger of creationism - The Observer, April 7th 2002.

April 3, 2002

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

Miami police have no plans to charge a man who shot and injured a preacher. The preacher first entered the house of a woman, ranted and raved about God, then took off his clothes. He then ran over the road to another residence, where the owner shot him. Naked Preacher Shot, Police Say - MyCFnow.com, suspiciously posted on the the morning of April 1st, 2002.

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