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December 9, 2002

Jesus loves you but no-one else does.

An American Family Association survey has shown that evangelical Christians are among the least liked people in the United States, rated below lawyers and just above prostitutes (presumably unpopular because of their frequent liaisons with televangelists)

Particularly galling to the AFA constituency was the country's more open embrace of gay men and lesbians. Gay people, a group conservatives frequently slander and oppose politically, ranked significantly higher in the survey than evangelicals.

The survey showed that the more well-educated an individual was, the less likely they were to have a high opinion of evangelicals. Fundamentalists Losing Favor with Public - The Data Lounge (via Wren's Nest News), 6th December 2002.

Editorial criticises faith.

In today's Guardian, former Anglican vicar David Bryant asks whether faith is all it's cracked up to be, and discovers the answer to be 'no'.

Hiding behind the comfort of belief are destructive forces. Any faith-journey leads into a bottleneck, a religio-intellectual system with its own rules, assertions and strictures. And that is bad news. It presages mental stagnation. Why bother to query the semantic and theological niceties of Christ's divinity if it has all been done for you in the creed? What need is there to hack out a workable 21st-century morality when the prohibitions of the Ten Commandments are written down in black and white?

He goes on to criticize religious divisiveness and bigotry, and praises agnosticism. Voyage into the unknown - The Guardian, 9th December 2002.

December 3, 2002

Some of you won't like this...

Fresh on the blogroll is The Raving Atheist--An Atheistic Examination of the Culture of Belief: How Religious Devotion Trivializes American Law and Politics. Here's a sample of their coverage of a news story in which an archbishop claimed a ski resort had not been wiped out by a volcano because he had asked God not to change the laws of physics and geology:

Encouraged by the success of his non-intercessory prayer, Gristina has vowed to save the world next year from a collision with the asteroid Ceretus. Ceterus, a pebble-sized body orbiting between the planets Neptune and Pluto, is expected to continue on its harmless course for the next eight billion years before gradually drifting out of the solar system. However, Gristina will pray that Ceterus not inexplicably morph into a clone of Jupiter and hurtle towards the Sun, sucking the Earth into its gaseous red spot before exploding upon impact with Venus.

They treat all religions equally, so over-sensitve Wiccans are advised to stay away.

December 1, 2002

Now here's something we could use: a condom motorcycle! The designer is using it to travel around parts of India raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and safer sex. World Photos - Yahoo! News, 28th November 2002.

Someone gets it though.

A Texas bishop has called on people to pray for, and accept unconditionally, people affected by HIV/AIDS. Bishop Michael Pfeifer said:

We must keep them present in our consciousness, as individuals, and as a community, and embrace them with unconditional love. World AIDS day is a reminder of the sacredness of life of all people affected by the HIV/AIDS. People suffering with this affliction are not unfamiliar people, the objects of our mingled pity and aversion.

Bishop calls for 'love' for AIDS patients - Midland Reporter Telegram, 1st December 2002.

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