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March 28, 2003

Domestic violence in Africa

Namibia: The Combating of Domestic Violence Bill has been passed by the Namibian National Assemby despite the claims of one member that it would infringe on the rights of those men who have been made impotent by their wives' witchcraft. National Assembly Passes Anti-Violence Bill - The Namibian (via allAfrica.com), 28th March 2003.

March 12, 2003

Witchcraft not blamed, for a change

South Africa: The partner of an elderly woman hospitalised after a snake bite has been quick to dismiss rumours that the infestation of snakes in Ironsyde, Palm Springs and Lakeside is the result of witchcraft. Instead, he suggested the council deal with the problem once and for all. First rats now snakes invade Vaal - Vaal Weekblad, 12th March 2003.

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