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September 30, 2004

A long haul

India: Police have teamed up with the Orissa Rationalist Association to try and squash the belief in witchcraft which has killed 41 people this century.

Taking preventive measures too is the role of police. We are running awareness campaigns for the same. We are going to various villages. We go the village markets and our police officers spread the message through folk songs in the local language. Besides this, we have associated some NGOs with us to help us in our endeavour. We also have certain educated scientists and professors with us, said Y K Jetwa, the area's superintendent of police.
Professor Nayak, an eminent scientist working with the Kasturba Gandhi Medical College, Mangalore visited the remote corners of the tribal dominated Sundergarh district to eradicate superstitions from among the people.
I am trying to eradicate superstition from among the masses by roaming around the villages. The society is harmed by these superstitions to a great extent. Every type of loss, for example loss of honour, loss of property and loss of life, all such losses are incurred by superstitions. Therefore I want to eradicate them all, said Professor Nayak.
Slowly but steadily, his work has caught up with the tribals, who have flocked in large numbers to witness the scientific demonstrations presented by him.

Rationalists declare war on witches in Orissa - WebIndia123, 30th September 2004.

September 16, 2004

Education minister refuses to promote superstition

Namibia: The government has refused, point blank, to allow the ritual 'cleansing' of schools believed to be affected by witchcraft.

In [a circular, sent out less than a month ago] [Basic Education Permanent Secretary, Loine Nyanyukweni Katoma] denounced alleged cases of witchcraft at some schools and expressed her Ministry's concern that teachers and pupils were often wrongly accused of the practice.
Katoma said the policy position of the Ministry was that schools were areas entrusted to impart knowledge based on sound scientific principles and the power of reason.
Ours is not a Ministry for the affairs of witchcraft and superstitions.
The Ministry therefore does not condone the unwarranted mingling of witchcraft in the educational business of our children, Katoma said.

Govt draws line on witchcraft - The Namibian, 16th September 2004.

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