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May 2, 2005

Tax Office Uses Bible to Shame Christians

Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone has a reasonably small population and an even smaller number of Christians; weighing in at around the 10% mark. So from the newspaper ads the local tax office published, I can only assume that those Christians within the country are both more affluent than their fellow countrymen and less likely to pay their taxes.

Tax officials in Sierra Leone have infuriated Christians by publishing newspaper adverts saying Jesus Christ supported the paying of taxes.

The half-page advertisements said that when Jesus was asked if he was against a law requiring the payment of taxes to the Roman emperor he replied: Pay the emperor what belongs to the emperor and pay to God what belongs to God, quoting from the Gospel of Matthew (chapter 22, verses 17-21).

It continued: All Christians should follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. This week: pay your taxes.

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