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October 30, 2005

Yet Another Australian Cult Leader up on Child Sex Charges

Australia: Kenneth Emmanuel Dyers, co-founder of the self-styled spiritual healing group Kenja, was arrested yesterday at his house in Bundeena in Sydney's south over the alleged aggravated sexual and indecent assault of two 12-year-old girls. The 83-year-old cult leader is facing 22 sex charges and claims that the accusations are part of a witch-hunt by disaffected former members who are trying to destroy him.

Unlike the recently mentioned Kamm, Dyers was granted conditional bail. I suspect this is because he is less an obvious nutjob, but more likely, because he schmoozes with the right people.

October 23, 2005

Cult Leader Up on Fresh Charges of Kiddie Fiddling

Australia: Kamm looks to be sinking deeper into the muck. Fresh out of court on charges of shagging a gullible teenager, he was dragged back into court for getting his end away with an eleven-year-old.

Kamm, of course, denies the whole thing, claiming the kid in question has a history of crying wolf over cult members assaulting her, but with his recent court history, it's looking like the Little Pebble may well have been sharing a penchant for paedophilia around with other members of his cult.

Kamm recently appeared in Parramatta Local Court where he was charged with five counts of sexual assault and six of aggravated indecent assault.

The court was told he is alleged to have abused a girl when she was aged between 11 and 15 at his religious community near Nowra on the south coast.

'Little pebble' charged with sex abuse - ABC News Online, 21st October 2005.

October 22, 2005

Students vote to oust Bible

Scotland: Students at Edinburgh University have voted to remove Bibles from halls of residence because the practice is discriminatory.

The bible ban has been described as disappointing by churchmen. But student leaders insist it is an important step towards making sure people of all religions feel welcome on campus. There are more than 2000 bibles at the university's Pollock Halls campus, on the edge of Holyrood Park - one in each room. They are expected to be removed after a vote by the Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA).

University officials have yet to approve the ban. However, similar calls from students in the past - including one to have prayers removed from graduation ceremonies two years ago - have been agreed without protest.

EUSA president Ruth Cameron explained:

The student association firmly believes in the importance of ensuring that all students from all faiths feel at home in their university accommodation. We simply don't want to be seen promoting one religion over another.

Students at Stirling University supported a similar move last April.

Bible to be banned from student hallsThe Scotsman, 22nd October 2005.

October 15, 2005

Cult Leader Sentenced to Five Years

Australia: Feòrag's nutjob radar is swifter than the local news services. She passed this gem onto me for local commentary.

This isn't the first time self-professed religious leader William Little Pebble Kamm has made an appearance in the Prattle, he was last mentioned for his schemes to scam Government grants. This time around it looks like someone noticed his personal cult, the Order of St Charbel, is nothing more than a front to get Kamm laid and the silly sod has been sentenced to a minimum of three-and-a-half years in jail for sexually abusing one of his teenage followers.

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