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September 30, 2002

The Lost Tribes from Outer Space, Marc Dem

Lost Tribes book cover Bantam, 1977.

YAHWEH, God of Genesis, an extraterrestrial being. YAHWEH, who created man to colonize the planet. YAHWEH, who chose inspectors for a continuing surveillance of earth. YAHWEH who gave Jesus a surprising role in the cosmos. YAHWEH, who set up God's plan, a fateful meeting in space destined since creation... THE LOST TRIBES FROM OUTER SPACE.

Lost, but how? At the whim and behest of Yahweh? Chosen, but how? Here, finally, is the true astonishing interpretation of the Book of Books that successfully explains an exciting new reality... the real beginnings of life on planet earth.

This book, originally published in French in 1974, sets out to answer five enigmas regarding the Bible and the Jews, and in particular who the Jews are really, and why everyone hates them. The truth, it seems, is all in the Bible, as long as you read it literally, without all that mystical claptrap that's been laid upon it.

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