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September 29, 2002

Bargains of the Day: GI Jesus, jesus illusion and angelic pets

eBay is a remarkable source for unique religious artifacts. It's now too late for you to bid on a Custom Jesus KING OF KINGS GI Joe figure.

You are bidding on the greatest figure ever made! Now your 12 inch figures can have salvation and redemption from the one and only SON OF GOD. This figure was hand sculpted, cast in resin, hand painted, clearcoated and epoxied onto a 21st Century figure. The figure was done in the likeness of the late actor Jeffrey Hunter, known for His incredible portrayal of Christ in the movie "King of Kings". The figure has interchangeable hands (3 included) and comes with a Holy Grail cup. Stand included.

Surprisingly, it's rather nicely done, and went for $325! Still available, and somewhat cheaper is the Jesus Christ appears IN YOUR ROOM! T Shirt, currently at $7.99.

STARE AT THE DOTS BETWEEN HIS EYES FOCUSING ON THE CENTER DOT FOR THIRTY SECONDS AND THEN LOOK AWAY.WHEREVER YOU LOOK THERE HE IS! IT'S LIKE MAGIC!... Dedicated to a QUALITY product and PROMPT delivery to the winner. ... Give the vision of Christ today! For best results : Look at the (still) image straight on a few feet back. This may require some effort if the shirt is being worn at the time. Focus on the middle of the five dots that are between the eyes, on the nose area of the image for 20 to 30 seconds (the longer the better) . Then look away, preferably at a wall or anything that is one solid color and you should see Him wherever you look with no problem. Blinking of the eyes often helps the non-believers. Repeated staring and looking away is not recomended. This is strictly a novelty item and should not be used in a way as to represent a true sighting of Jesus. Have fun.

Dog lovers might like the Unique Poodle Angel, one of a range of 219 different angel dogs sold by Country Heaven, and also available as Christmas tree ornaments. Lovers of cats, bears, frogs, pigs and cows are not left out either.

September 16, 2002

Bargains of the Day: Baby brainwashing, and yukky poster

It's never too young to start brainwashing your child, and for a mere $4.99, will sell you The Genesis Teether - a plastic ring with the word "Jesus" in it.

The Genesis TeetherTM makes a nice item to go with a balloon bouquet or a gift basket. It goes with two things we are going to have more of every day - babies and Christians.

The site promises more new Christian baby products over the next few months. (via Jesus Museum).

If you're quick and in the United States, you have just over a day to bid on Our Christian President at eBay.

Our Christian President is a pictorial representation of the ultimate goal of every Christian. That is, that when men look at us, they will see Jesus. Jesus in our words, Jesus in our conduct, Jesus in the love we have for one another. Pres. George W. Bush is striving to fulfill that goal while serving all of us in the toughest job in the country.

The picture was created using outcroppings from hundreds of classic paintings of Jesus Christ, mainly from the Renaissance period. Over 1,500 individual tiles were taken from paintings by masters like Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Raphael, Titian, da Vinci and many others.

The tiles that make up the picture are large enough to be individually viewed. You can see and enjoy hundreds of different representations of the face of Jesus Christ.

Ten copies of this 'open edition' fine art print are up for grabs, it can be yours for only $15. (via bOINGbOING)

September 15, 2002

Bargain of the Day: Get Slim Slippers

The latest craze in Singapore, Get Slim Slippers, are now available on on the web! The slippers are being marketed at people too lazy to lose weight by the traditional "eat less, get more exercise" method:

We all know how to lose weight: diet and exercise, right? If weight loss is so simple, then why do we have such a hard time doing it? Because diet and exercise require us to change our habits, and this isn't so easy. No matter how determined we are at the start, old habits are hard to change.

What if I told you that there is a way to lose weight without joining a gym or changing your eating habits? Get Slim Slippers are the way, to be worn daily for a short period of time.

Apparently they work by a combination of magnetism, reflexology and gravity:

Weird though it sounds, these Slippers actually work. The principles they are based on are simple: reflexology, magnet therapy, gravity; ideas that may seem new to you, but are as old as time itself.

Get Slim Slippers are designed with No Heel and Magnets, in order to apply pressure on the arches and to increase your metabolism naturally. This combination will affect your body in ways you have never felt before.

The site gives more detail for the unconvinced:

With Get Slim Slippers, you will not go on a diet, change your eating habits, take any medicine or do lots of exercises just to get slim. The 6 powerful magnets located near the surface of the slippers will, when walking, stimulate the nerve endings in the sole and increase blood circulation. This effect will speed up your metabolism and improve digestion and elimination. This process helps to get you slimmer, reshape your body, and improve your health.

But be careful if you have any piercings - contraindications include people having metal in their body (other than dental fillings). Looks like I'll have to stick to eating Japanese food, clog morris dancing and nude swimming. Shame.

September 9, 2002

Bargains of the Day: Californian miscelleny

I'm back from California, where I learned about many exciting products, such as the ANGELITE hair dryer which was advertised as able to prevent leukemia and possible breast cancer from hair driers.

This Christian teddy bear (sure to bring your loved one to Jesus) is typical Prattle material:

Does your heart long for your loved one to be saved? Lead your loved ones to salvation, give them a cute adorable 21 inch christian teddy bear, available at a very special price of $24.95 each. These are fancy bears. "Jesus Bears It All" is embroidered on each teddy bear collar and includes an evangelism tract sure to draw them to salvation. Jesus Is Still The Answer to eternal life and peace!!

But Jesus doesn't have all the toys. Dr. Mira Bears of Healing Spirit are part of a range of physician-created gifts & tools for natural wellness:

Say hello to eight different, loving, wise new friends with unique wellness themes. The healing features include herbal aromatherapy, magnets, crystals, copper, color, and more. Each teddy bear comes with a box of six herbal sachets for the back pocket of the bear and a beautiful educational booklet.

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