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November 28, 2002

More Bargains of the Day: a lump of wood, a cup and a clock

This 6" by 8.5" (18cm by 21.5cm) slab of Northern Pine isn't just any old lump of wood. This one displays a lovely colored foil picture of the cross. Fellow connaisseurs should also take up the invitation to visit the vendor's eBay Store for many more similarly tasteful items.

Is your desk a mess? Make it that little bit tidier with a Fruit of the Spirit Pencil Cup:

It is really unique. check out the picture. it is made by Christian world, inc. collectibles by Lori Kim Gan Designs 1999. I believe the material is a type of ceramic. There is a gold colored ban that says "The fruit of the spirit on it. Then there is a raised bunch of grames. On the saucer there are 2 strawberries and a bon bon. They look realistic. . What a unique and beautiful gift item or to set on your desk.

If timekeeping is your problem, the $1 (US) reserve has yet to be met on this Inspirational solid oak clock, complete with that Bible verse about there being a season for everything. The seller has loads of clocks for sale, with equally inspiring themes.

Bargain of the Day: Instant witch kit

Ever wanted to be a witch but were put off by the hassle of learning all those correspondences, stocking up on all those essential herbs and making all those bits and pieces you need for performing effective magick? Well, there's no need to bother with all that any more - just invest in a Mini Magic Witchie Kit!

Have you ever wanted to turn your co-worker into a frog, make a wish for a better day, or just make magic happen in a very short period of time? Now you can with this Mini Magick Kit, for the 'witchie on the fly'? For your magical workings each kit includes: 6 itty bitty candles and 2 itty bitty candle holders, 4 mini bags of herbs and a bag of 13 mini stones. A teeny weeny incense burner and 4 cone incense. A small plastic cauldron and a mini magical broom. These are all stored in a 4x6 pouch with a 'witchie on the fly' emblem. Various colors for the witchie on the emblem - green, purple, copper glitter, green glitter, ruby glitter, pink, multi glitter.

The cauldron looks suspiciously like the hallowe'en item I use as a pot for one of the pitcher plants.

November 23, 2002

Bargain of the Day: bonsai Jesus tomb

This New Sophistecatedly Designed Jesus Tomb (sic.) is:

an identical version of the real lord jesus grave , it is sophisticatedly made and it follows every single word according to the holy bible disribtion . it was hand made in jerusalem in the holy land . If you take a look at it from the outside, i believe that 2 things will interest you ...first , the rock that is in a shape of a circle and here i must say that this grave is made of materials taken from the real one !!! And second , the sentence that is hand craved on the edge " HE IS NOT HERE " !!! this is a three dimentional version , and if you open it from the top you will manage to see the grave from the inside , splitted into 2 parts just like it says in the holy bible. We highlight its quality .

It looks big enough to bury a mouse in.

November 20, 2002

Bargain of the Day: Bible keyring

Now you've no excuse for not reading the Bible when for a mere 99 cents (US) you can have an ACTUAL READABLE BIBLE ON A KEY RING

The bible measures 1 1/4"wide X 1 1/2"tall X 1/2" thick. The bible is connected to a heavy duty key ring by a metal chain. What a great conversation piece, a complete readable bible you can have with you all the time. Makes a great stocking stuffer !! Order more than 1, the price is great !! DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE !!

Hurry - only 200 available!

Mary, Mary, quite contrary

Sexy calendars are big business in Italy, and one of this year's offerings features an extremely unvirginal Mary in a range of scenes inspired by the life of Christ.

April is a bare-breasted Virgin Mary, halo shining above her head, with her arms held out to reveal bleeding palms like the wounds of Christ on the cross, and wearing nothing but a transparent loin cloth and white high heels.

Not-so-virginal Madonnas grace calendar - IOL, November 20th 2002.

November 9, 2002

Bargain of the Day: Chanukah snowglobe

This Musical Hannukah Waterball is a special seasonal snowglobe:

To celebrate the eight days of Hannukah, this musical water globe features a beautiful menorah complemented by the Star of David. Tune: Hava Nagila. And, there's more. When you turn this waterball upside down, it rains crystal snow. Perfect for any child or adult who's a child at heart. Just give the music box a twist to remember the Hannukah's of bygone years, when life was so much simplier.

Despite the promise of a free gift, I don't think Charlie's mother would appreciate it.

November 7, 2002

Bargains of the Day: More Christian games

The Christian Ungame is a Christian board game published in 1975 and recommended by James Dobson. A potential copyright infringer is Bibleopoly, where you have to accumulate good deeds.

In the midst of all this kindness, players travel through cities mentioned in the Bible. Careful! Don't land in the Abyss! City Cards, like street cards in Monopoly, give brief biblical descriptions of the various cities. Faith Cards may ask players facts about the cities or to recite Bible verses. The winner of Bibleopoly is the first person to build a church, which requires many offerings.

You start at In the Beginning...

November 5, 2002

Bargain of the Day: Holy dildoes

Divine Interventions Silicone Dildos are a range of

...high-quality silicone dildos (and butt-toys) in the shapes of religious figures. Perfect gifts for the iconoclasts in your life. We feel they are a light-hearted, humorous look at the relationship between religion and sex...

The range includes Buddha, the Devil, the Grim Reaper, Jackhammer Jesus, the Virgin Mary and a Diving Nun, which will no doubt be popular with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. A Baby Jesus Butt-Plug is also available. (Thanks, Avedon)

November 1, 2002

Bargains of the Day: Christian puzzles and games

Here's something for the religious fundamentalist in need of a challenge - a 28-piece jigsaw depicting the Crucifixion!

This auction is for a 28 piece board puzzle entitled The Crucifixion. It has the appearance of a watercolor print and is actually quite beautiful. I do not know if it is "vintage", but it appears to be old. It measures 10.5 x 14 inches. The sturdy cardboard back has some light scribblings of a child, but in no way detract from the beauty of this unusual puzzle.

Despair at your child's obsession with Pokethulhu? Give them a starter pack of 'Saints' Holy Trading Cards:

Encourage your kids to trade holy cards! They have great role models on them! This is a starter pack of 10 different cards with a wide variety of saints. Bookmark this page - more holy cards to come! Lots of other bargains too. Peace be with you.

There's also an expansion pack available.

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