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December 26, 2002

Bargain of the Day: Christian tattoos

The Bible prohibits proper tattoos but has nothing to say about the stick-on variety, hence this auction for BRIGHT RELIGIOUS TATTOOS!!!!!!!L@@K 4 DOZ.

Hi what you are bidding on is 48 temporary tattoos that you could use for sunday school, awana, etc. These are really cute and would be fun for the kids. Thanks for looking and be sure to check out my other kid friendly auctions.

So I did. The same seller also offers a ROLL OF BIBLE VERSE STICKERS!! 100 ON ROLL!!: - a roll of cute stickers that have verse references on them Like John 3:16 etc..

December 25, 2002

Bargain of the Day: Anti-Satan exorcism

We all know that Christmas is nothing to do with Jesus and everything to do with the Winter Solstice, so why not protect yourself from the evils of the season with this Exorcism Against Satan (for use by laity)?


This prayer to St. Michael will cost you $5 (US) right now.

December 24, 2002

Bargain of the Day: God lightstick

The I Love God LED Battery Operated Light Stick is just like other light sticks but, these are clear and have (I Love GOD)engraved inside. Buy it now for $5 (US), or just bid 2 cents.

December 22, 2002

Bargain of the Day: Huggy Jesus rag doll

Huggy Jesus is a Jesus rag doll. Buy one and you can Share His love with this precious gift for your children or grandchildren. It's too late if you wanted to get it as a Christmas pressie but you are encouraged to order for shipping in January. Remember, the sooner you order your Huggy Jesus, the lower and more valuable your number will be! (Thanks, Pat - I think).

December 19, 2002

Bargain of the Day: Bible food

House of David is America's premier distributor of religious health products and Bible foods. To qualify, foods must satisfy five criteria, only 2.5 of which are sensible:

  1. They must be beneficial both for physical and spiritual well being.
  2. They must have some identifying link to religious faith and the Bible.
  3. All Bible foods must contain no additives, chemicals, preservative, etc. and be made from organic ingredients whenever possible.
  4. Bible food products directly from the Holy Land are always most desirable.
  5. All Bible food products should be well labeled, well manufactured, good tasting and reasonably priced.

The Bible Bar is a typical product:

The Bible Bar is a complete, wholesome food jam packed with nutritional and spiritual goodness. Bible Bars are a highly effective appetite regulator based on the seven foods from the Book of Deuteronomy; Wheat, Barley, Honey, Olive Oil, Figs, Pomegranates and Grapes. Here's a great way to control hunger pangs while still providing your body with the highest level of biblical nutrition. Also available in a 6 pack box.

Should keep you regular, at least. (Thanks, Alex.)

December 13, 2002

Bargain of the Day must be catching on.

Corsair the Rational Pirate has drawn my attention to this delightful coprolite, sorry, Holy Relic Of The True Cross Of Jesus Christ, an extremely rare relic ... made by Christian artisans almost 1400 years ago in 630 AD in The Holy Land, from a portion of The True Cross!. As Corsair puts it,

It must be real! It has a certificate! From an antique dealer in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And we all know that the full name of the New Mexico state capital is "Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asis," or "Royal Village of the Holy Faith of St. Francis of Assisi". So they must be "in the know" with the big man upstairs. And if he says that this is a piece of the cross that they nailed him to, then they must be right!

Bidding ends in a couple of days (on Sunday - naughty, naughty!) and currently stands at $349.00 but you can buy it now for $449.00. The same vendor also has an Antique Jewelled Reliquary w/True Cross Relic:

This is a very lovely and rare piece found in Quebec, Canada (Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre), with an age of around 100 years! This reliquary holds a relic of 2 slivers in the shape of a cross, from the True Cross of Jesus (Cruc.D.N.I.C.), with Vatican seal and strings intact. The reliquary is 14 1/2" tall and has an amazing filigree artistry of golden and silver design, accentuated with 70 stunning red jewels ( none missing! ). There is only a very little hole on the handle at the back of this reliquary, as seen in the picture, otherwise it is in excellent condition. Unfortunately these pictures do not capture the true beauty of this piece. Bidding for this exquisite piece is for the reliquary. The relic is a gift.

Just the thing for camp goths with $500 to spare.

Contributions to Bargain of the Day are always welcome, and remember - the Prattle is an equal-opportunity piss-taker and tat of all religions is welcome.

December 12, 2002

Bargains of the Day: pansy Jesus and a paperweight

New on eBay today is a set of five floral 'figurines' spelling 'JESUS':

Each has substantial weight and has a rope design in blue with pink roses and a touch of yellow and green. The base color is off-white. The widest letter is 2 1/4" wide and all are approximately 2 7/8" high. These figurine letters will offer a spiritual note to your décor, whether they are used for Easter or any day of the year.

Marginally more tasteful is a Jesus paperweight, made of 'carved' glass - Jesus is standing next to a cross with sunrays in the background. More colourful is this Smile God Loves You Oriental Folding Fan - a highly expensive 10 1/4" paper fan with plastic handles will help remember Jesus's love.

December 10, 2002

Bargain of the Day: Golf shirt for vicars

This Clergy Collar Tab Golf Shirt is burgundy, with a white collar tab insert:

It is a casual short sleeve golf shirt made by Carolina Shirt Company with a three button placket down the front.It retails at Cokesbury for $38.00 and is new with tags. The fabric is a heavy 100% cotton knit with a pebble weave similar to the traditional Izod brand. This would be a great Christmas present or gift for your favorite Pastor... The pictures are not the best. It truly is a great shirt.

It's an XXL - I would get it for Pastor Best, but they only ship to the US.

December 4, 2002

Bargain of the Day: Ticket to Heaven

You know you deserve it, so why not book your Ticket to Heaven now?

Make a Statement about your commitment to living a lifestyle that ultimately rewards you with your place in Heaven. Let this Symbolic Ticket and Certificate Of Authenticity serve as a constant reminder of what it takes to remain faithful to your beliefs.

Only $19.95 (US) plus Sales Tax if resident in California.

December 3, 2002

Bargain of the Day: Jesus jelly beans

Take eight Jelly Belly beans and package them with a cheap label and you get Jesus JellyBeans.

Wonderful idea for table or banquet place settings, and great for adorning Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, and sharing with friends, family and co-workers during the holidays. Pass them out and watch people be blessed.

Blessing includes leaving them as tips instead of the infinitely more useful cash, and if this idea catches on, it'll be a huge blessing to dentists.

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