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January 31, 2003

Bargain of the Day: Virgin Mary windchimes

There are times in our lives when words escape us and the only comfort we can offer is that of prayer, caring and reminder of faith. Those are the times when Inspirations By Micco can help you to speak without words with a precious Christian gift. And that gift is Virgin Mary Windchimes:

The handcrafted quality of each Inspirations By Micco Wind Chime perfectly captures the grace and compassion of the Blessed Mother. The handcrafted statue of the Blessed Mother is placed between a dove of peace and a prayer inscribed teardrop pendant that the lightest breeze will brush against silvery chimes to produce delicate music that echoes with a reminder of faith.

She is available as Our Lady of Medjugorje, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Lourdes, or Our Lady of Grace and in a choice of Rust, Patina and Weathered finishes. All for a mere $59.95 (US).

January 30, 2003

Bargain of the Day: laser-etched Jesus

This LASER ETCHED PICTURE OF JESUS would make a tasteful addition to any Christian home:

Laser ethced rectangle glass. The etching is a picture of Jesus. There is an optional light base that illuminates it from the bottom. The light base realy enhances the etching. The light base can be ordered for an additional $5.00 U.S.

January 27, 2003

Bargain of the Day: Mohel's tool box

Not religious tat, but an essential accessory for the woman about town, this Mohel's Circumcision Instrument Case is:

a BRAND NEW Stainless steel instrument case. It measures 3.75" wide x 7" long x 1.5" deep. It closes securely with four thumb screw fasteners. Case can be used in steam or dry-heat autoclave. Brushed steel finish looks very nice and you can probably have it engraved with a name or initials. I have been unable to locate a box like this so I had several of these made to my specs. The inside corners have some slight discoloration due to the welding proccess, but I have found it unnoticeable in use. If you are a Mohel, or practice any profession that requires the transport of sterile surgical instruments, this case is for you!

January 23, 2003

Bargain of the Day: Electric mini-altar

A decorative item today - CHALKWARE? 11x11 In. GLOWLITE ELECTRIC ALTAR

This is 11 inches high x 11 inches wide x 4 1/4 inches, It has an electric plug that has to be replaced because wires are exposed on this wire. There are a couple of small chips in finish on right side bottom, 1 large chip on 1st shelf on top that holds a candle, small ones on front edge, It has 14 open holes altogether to hold 14 glass lights I have, All of them have rings around them. Then there are 2 metal 1 3/4 x 1 3/4 inch Candelabras that hold 3 candles each; 2 metal 1 3/4 inch single candle holders and 2 metal 1 3/4 inch urns, All the metal pieces are weighty, could be brass? On the 4 front bottom columns and 2 top columns there is a greenish color going down the center. There is a Picture of The Last Supper right in the front of the Altar and a picture of a Chalice on the top column. This is AS IS! Would have to be rewired and worked on.

January 21, 2003

Bargain of the Day: The sound of one hand ticking

Tired of being woken up suddenly in the morning? What you need is a Zen Clock. You won't be woken by the sound of one hand clapping though:

The Zen Alarm Clock's long-resonating Tibetan bell-like chime makes waking up a beautiful experience. Once you use a Zen Clock, nothing else will do! When the clock's alarm is triggered, the alloy chime strikes just once, reverberating for nearly a minute.... 3-1/2 minutes later it strikes again... chime strikes become more frequent over 10 minutes.... eventually striking every 4 seconds until shut off. During this progressive awakening, you can work on dreams and affirmation sin the Alpha State. The Zen Alarm Clock allows you to time and guide meditations, and it's also a gentle way to start or end meetings on time.

The clocks are available in a number of designs including Zodiac, Labyrinth and one representing a raked Zen garden.

January 20, 2003

Bargain of the Day (2): Holy hot sauce

Bethlehem's Best Hot Sauce is Filled with the Spirit!!. Each label includes Bible verses of an evangelical and threatening nature. The hottest product, Firey Furnace Hot Sauce cheerfully reminds the recipient:

They will throw them into the firey furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Matthew 12:42.

Jams, BBQ sauces, syrups, marinades and speciality butters are also available.

Bargain of the Day: Christian Kinder egg

Today we have a non-fattening treat in the form of 12 religious toy filled pastel plastic eggs - Each egg filled with one religious toy and one sticker. Assorted toys, stickers and egg colors. A great educational tool! But no chocolate.

January 17, 2003

Bargain of the Day (2): Wedding game

I really can't wait 20 minutes to tell you all about this exciting game from Family Life Ministries - Simply Romantic.

uncover God's desire for your marriage. Are you romantically challenged, ? through a short book relationship experts will explain how God generously gives sexual freedom to every married couple.

Discover inmacy in a new light!
Put sizzle and anticipation into your marriage!
Reveal your spouse's romantic language!
Unveil passionate creativity!
inside are 24 sealed envelopes. Every month, you and your spouse will each pick a romantic adenture, like "Monday Night Touch Football" to rekindle the flames!
Also included is a special anniversary celebration.

Just what we need as a wedding present.

Bargain of the Day: eBook of Shadows

A Book of Shadows is supposed to be a Wiccan's personal book in which they write down, by hand, their rituals and lore. It's continually updated and should be a life-long labour. But in this day and age, all that learning and copying is tedious. Why bother when you can just get this Authentic Book of Shadows e-book for your special consecrated Windows computer?

Metabargain of the Day

The Detroit Free Press has an article about the appeal of religious kitsch and notes that it sells well. (via Holy Weblog )

January 16, 2003

Bargain of the Day (2): Jewish holiday dominoes

A two-in-one bargain can be had in the form of this Jewish Holidays Dominoes Games:

Match The Jewish Holiday Pictures And Play Regular Dominoes, Too!! Two Games In One! Fun and Educational Ages 3 and Up

Friday nights in the pub will never be the same again.

Bargain of the Day: Kali bag

This Goddess Kali Shoulder Bag is An item to inspire you and enlighten.

12x15 in. Hand Made shoulder Bag with a two-Inch gussett and zipper, two inches wide multicolor cotton/rayon. Shoulder strap. The image of Kaliis in vivid colors, and mother Kali is dancing on Shiva.

I quite like Kali - she's not all twinkly and twee like certain Goddesses I could mention. I feel all inspired to go and stomp all over Charlie until he is enlightened and buys it for me!

January 15, 2003

More Bargains of the Day

It's a good day on eBay, with lots of exciting religious tat on offer. You can keep a fundie occupied for several years with this lot of Religious Magic Cube Key Chains: each of the 2 new key chains has religious picture on the 6 sides and works like a rubics cube. Less challenging are these 12-piece jigsaws featuring Moses and the Ten Commandments and The Parting of the Sea.

A puzzle of a different sort is this piece of WATCHTOWER **10 COMMANDMENTS JEWLERY** - just what is it?

I found this with my mothers jewlery things. I dont understand how it's souposto be worn but the 10 commandments are always nice to have - not real gold - To photograph it I just laid it on the scanner but it does have a shine to it.

Want less mentally-challenging entertainment? You could get these 2 NEW 14" Beach Balls in the original sealed package that says SMILE JESUS LOVES YOU. The same vendor has water bottles, harmonicas and tote bags all bearing the same rainbow and smiley sun with the words Smile! Jesus loves you.

Bargain of the Day: Spam for Jesus

Now you too can spam for Jesus and lose your internet access. It's as simple as: Point. Click. SAVE! with Easy E-mail Evangelism:

Now YOU can be a successful evangelist for God right from the comfort of your own home.
Easy E-mail Evangelism is the first of its kind to usher in the NEW evolution in sharing the Gospel - Internet Evangelism. This new wave of outreach is quickly extending around the globe to reach people of all nations.
This product makes is so simple to share your faith without fear. It provides you all the information you need (no matter what the situation) and it provides you a very easy way to share the information. Simply click a button (to copy the information you want) and paste it into any program you desire. Paste it into a Word document, an email or even to your own website - it's as easy as 1-2-3.

Well, I suppose it's one way of getting annoying evangelists off the net.

January 14, 2003

Bargain of the Day: a penny

There are no less than five separate auctions for a Ten Commandments Pressed Penny. Though you can find machines to make such pressed pennies at tourist traps all over the world, this one has The Entire TEN Commandments imprinted on a Penny which apparently makes it a Great Witnessing Tool!. A friend of mine acquired a few on his recent trip around Europe. This auction explains why he drinks beer—it's because of the mysterious influence of the one from Prague. I dread to think of the effect of an Amsterdam pressed 2 cent piece!

January 13, 2003

Bargain of the Day: Christian hologram bracelet

Today's offering is a Hollogram of Last Supper Bracelet (sic.):

This unusual'hollogram' of the last supper pendant charm on a golden 7 inch bracelet makes quite a statement when worn!The image, like a spirit moves with the light. It is one of a kind!

Through her eBay store, Sweet Adeline's Novelties, vendor Adele offers A little bit of this and a little bit of that... mostly jewelry, including the same Last Supper Hollogrom on Chain, a Hollogram of Jesus, Mary, Joseph Bracelet, a Blessed Virgin Hollogrom on Chain and a Large 4 inch Golden "Jesus" on Heavy Chain. And that's not all, you see she has a purpose in life:

I have been a writer/ author for 20yrs and still do that... ;-) My new book, September 11, 2001 Remembered is now for sale on ebay at almost half price. 50% of profits going to the schloraship fund for the victims children. The rest of the money goes for printing and mailing costs. Buy an autographed book for them! Receive a FREE photo of the WTC in a wood frame with every order!

January 12, 2003

Bargains of the Day: tricky puzzle for fundies

Although billed as a Wonderful item for the Christian child, this Christian race car puzzle/LARGE pieces should keep your average adult fundie occupied for a few days trying to fit together the sixty or so pieces.

What appears to be the same vehicle is also available as a 1:24 scale die-cast model from the JC Racing Team. Fortunately, their site requires Flash to get into it, so I'll have to guess that this team is a good reason to insist all motor racing only take place on Sunday mornings.

January 11, 2003

Bargain of the Day: Glow in the dark crosses

New on eBay is this lot of 12 God Is Love Glow in the Dark Crosses.

Perfect for the nightstand, window ledge, car dashboard or any other spot to bring reassurance of God's love during the nighttime hours. Comforting for children and adults alike. White in daylight...glow yellow-green at night; 3 1/2" cross on a 2 1/2" base.

They would use much less electricity than the nightlights featured on 5th January.

January 7, 2003

Bargains of the Day: nun tat

The image of a nun in traditional habit is one of enduring appeal, and one that inspires all sorts of amazing products. But picking out one or two exceptional items proved impossible. Here, instead, is the search I made.

January 6, 2003

Bargain of the Day: Heavenly love wrap

Via Teresa Nielsen Hayden's Making Light comes this SACRED RAINBOW HEAVENLY LOVE WRAP:

Love yourself,
Embrace your shadows and you will find joy in who you are




This LOVELY HOODED SHAWL is DIVINE,superbly coloured in your very own MAGICAL Rainbow. Once again in rayon, a delicate soft knitted fabric which is a joy to wear (JUST ASK ANYONE WHO HAS PURCHASED ONE)



January 5, 2003

Bargain of the Day: Jesus night light

Do you have a deep and abiding religious faith, but are still scared of things that go bump in the night? What you need is a Jesus night light NIB bulb included:

Beautiful night light provides security and safety, low wattage bulb included with this brand new light in the original package. Made of resilent plastic with rotary shade and wall hugger construction. Let his light , light your way.

Another religious nightlight comes in the form of Praying Hands. Seeing these reminded me of some novelty lightbulbs I saw in a shop in Amsterdam. While searching for them, I discovered these charming Praying Angel lamps (Beware - the site is a Cookie Monster):

Your choice of angel and cherubs, or kneeling angel. Standing angel is painted in pastel colors; praying angel is in all-ivory. Made of resin. Each 15-1/4"H overall.Uses 40-Watt bulb (not included).

This Novelty Light Bulb-Crucifix is an older, more elegant version of what I'm looking for, and shows that religious tat is not a recent phenomenon:

This unusual novelty light bulb encapsulates Jesus on the Cross. The bulb glows neon red when lit and measures 4" in height. This bulb is most assuredly vintage with a brass bottom and Aerolux-New York stamped around metal rim. In fine working order now, but since this bulb is old I can not guarantee how long it will burn. It came from an estate, which mentioned the bulb was only used on the holidays.

So, I returned to eBay. They have Masonic light bulbs (and Eastern Star and Shriner ones) and several skull-shaped blacklight bulbs (which I quite liked), but it looks like I'll have to go back to Amsterdam to photograph the bulbs I spotted--shame.

January 4, 2003

Bargain of the Day: car mezuzah

Today we have a unique mezuzah for your car.

The mezuzah measures approximately 1 1/3 inches in length, 1/3 inch in width and 1/2 inch in height. The scroll is encased in a clear glass tube (through which you can see the scroll) which is surrounded by silvertoned scrolling spelling "Shaddai" in Hebrew letters.

Why would you need such a thing? Jewish Law does not require a mezuzah in the car, but it is a lovely reminder of faith and a wonderful momento from Israel, the seller claims. Charlie says It's religious tat.

January 3, 2003

Bargain of the Day: Pray And Grow Thin

Eat less, exercise more -- that's the only guaranteed way to lose weight and keep it off. But it's hard work, and a bit of magic can help keep that willpower up. But what about those poor Christians who aren't supposed to indulge in that particular form of headology? Help is at hand with Pray And Grow Thin:

Better introduce myself, my name is Ron Rogers.... I know we're just meeting through this letter, but what I'm about to share with you could CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER, it did for me....
But wait....I know when you accessed this page, you expected to hear about PRAY AND GROW THIN. Well hold won't be disappointed, utilizing the secrets you'll learn in this book, you can lose all the weight you need to.
But here is the amazing part, the power of prayer is THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE. Utilizing it's power is tapping the very heart of the Creator. The one who made the heavens and the earth, with His help you can achieve anything you desire in life... IT'S TRUE!

And now, through the wonders of electronic publishing, Windows users can have the entire book for a mere $9.95! (there's a PDF version for other platforms, but not in this auction).

And there's more...

I knew Pray and Grow Thin was an excellent book, but I wanted to give you something extra FREE. But what? Well I figured if you're like me, I'd like to find a word or verse that nails the way I feel, but I'm no theologian. What I did was this; I wrote letters, made phone calls, talked and talked, etc., and here's what I found. All of us at one time or another share about 36 common problems. I had several experts look into these and they found ONE VERSE FOR EACH DAY of the week per section. So, we have 36 sections x 7 (days in the week) giving a total of 252 (Two Hundred Fifty Two). I think you'll like this, it's been very helpful to me and others who've used it.

And remember - With Pray and Grow Thin, the power of the universe is at your beck and call through God.

January 1, 2003

Bargain of the Day: Six religious foam gliders

The sky's the limit with these six religious foam gliders:

this auction is for 6 new FOAM RELIGIOUS GLIDERS the gliders measure 6 and a half inches in length and say FLY WITH THE LORD each glider will be in the original sealed package the 6 gliders will be assorted colors

They're not very decorative though, nowhere near as much fun as the rubber-powered flying Isis I bought in a museum shop in the US a few years ago.

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