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May 23, 2004

Bargain of the Day: Singalonga Bible

How could you possibly live without this musical ceramic holy bible?

This piece is absolutely beautiful. It's the holy bible displaying a nativity scene of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus sitting on top of the bible. The Shepard in the front winds up to play the music box that plays away in the manger. It stands 10 inches high and 12 inches wide. This item is in perfect condition with no chips or cracks that I can see. The picture does not do this justice. Would be wonderful to display at Christmas time or any time.

May 20, 2004

Bargain of the Day: mildly pagan wigs

Hurry - you have only three hours or so to buy this Lot of 45,000 wigs (shaitels) new&used perfect condtion, though I suspect the seller is extracting the urine somewhat:

Stock of 45,000 beautiful wigs. Wigs have never been used other than as tools in mild forms of pagan worship, unconventional Indian religious rituals and mild usage in ulra-orthodox Jewish circles. Seller takes no responsibility for any injuries, damage, harm or detriment that may result due to the presence of satanic or modern-orthodox spirits hovering in or around the wigs. These wigs are easy to care for and require nothing more than semiannual cleansing in unfiltered New York City water. Items are currently being stored at a secret undisclosed location and will be shipped via Moishe's moving company upon receipt of payment. Cash STRONGLY preferred. all styles, long, short, hat-falls, falls...full color selection!

The following information was added later:

These high-quality wigs were originally purchased for $1000-4500 each and were sold to us as part of a religious reclamation campaign. Seller would consider bartering wigs for a similar size lot of hats.

May 13, 2004

Bargain of the Day: Jewish bear

Sorry, but this Jewish bear is not a great, hairy, cut man. Indeed, this great gift for Hanukkah or Bat Mitzvah would appear to be a girl.

This cute bear is 12"(sitting) and is wearing a burgundy velvet dress...she is a must to have for every Jewish girl!!!This item is in mint condition with mint tag, from a smoking and pet free enviroment (brand new item). THANK YOU FOR LOOKING!

I must say that she doesn't look very happy.

May 11, 2004

Bargain of the Day: Squishy ball thing

Chaplain Pat had a dream, and the result was not equality under the law, but the PrayBall:

All he wanted was to find a way for people to know the blessings that prayer will bring into their lives by healing from the inside out.

But PrayBall's powers do not extend to healing apostrophes:

PrayBall, is a spiritual device to evoke peace energy in you. Imagine PrayBall as a direct link to the heavens that brings your mind to the present moment, and relaxes your body for prayer, any time you want. PrayBall works on mind and body, as well as spirit, interconnecting you and GOD. The concept is similar to a rosary, prayer beads, and other prayer connecting objects, but it's space age materials, and shape are also a reminder to speak with GOD frequently and comfortably. So, pass the ball to a friend.

Those of you with Flash might like to leave a comment as to whether the Interview with God is as exciting as it sounds.

May 10, 2004

Bargain of the Day: Bible perfumes

Genesis Perfumes make scents of the Bible for Christians unhappy with the natural aroma God gave them.

We are excited to offer to you authentic Scents of the Bible TM. We are confident that you will find these perfumes from Biblical times truly Heavenly. All five fragrances are available in a 1oz/30ml Frosted glass bottle w/gold cap. Each is beautifully packaged in a clear display box and is excellent to give as a unique spiritual gift, even to yourself! We hope that you wear them knowing their spiritual significance and use them for your personal spiritual growth, and as a tool for witnessing to others.
Our anointing oils are available in all 5 Scents of the Bible fragrances. Each is available in a 1oz/30ml or 4oz/120ml Amber Boston Round Bottle. All oils are blessed and sealed with a tamper evident cap to assure absolute purity. We use only the finest imported Extra Virgin Olive, Essential and Fragrance oils.

The fragrances are Spikenard, Frankincese and Myrhh, Song of Solomon, Lily of the Valley and Rose of Sharon. They also produce Miracle Serum for those who can't accept that God intended them to age, and room scents for failed Christian housewives.

May 6, 2004

Bargain of the Day: Jesus comes 2 play doll

Eric Morecambe will be powering the national grid when he hears about the God Squad and Friends Jesus Comes 2 Play doll:

He Sings! Press his Red Heart and He will sing You Are My Sunshine.
He wears a Cross Necklace! Matching One including for your child too!
Comb His Hair! Just like Yours!
He Prays! His hands can hold together to pray.
He's Soft! And Always Ready to Give a Hug!
His Clothes and Sandals are Removable!

So why would a good Christian child want to do that?

He's Big and 17 inches Tall!
... And Most of All, Jesus Comes 2 Play! is Full of Fun and Love!
Buy Now: $29.95
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

(via Spell Bound)

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