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February 15, 2005

Bargain of the Day: Magic paper

Today's bargain really is a bargain - it won't cost you a thing, even though the bits of paper printed with some old poetry have incredible powers:

A Breslov student in Jerusalem sent me about 10 wallet sized cards printed with the Tikkun HaKlali.
The Tikkun HaKlali is also known as The General Remedy or The Ten Healing Psalms.

Rabbi Nachman specified ten psalms that he said contain the general remedy for maladies of the soul, especially depression.
By simply carrying this card it will help you overcome sin, provide protection and remedy any problem you might be experiencing.

I have these cards all over the house, cars, wallet, computer etc.
So far so good!

The student who sent it to me told me how they offered these cards to 3 Israeli soldiers patrolling the Old City of Jerusalem.
2 of them took it and the 3rd declined (he felt it would not help him in any way).
They were subsequently involved in a bomb blast.
The 2 with the Tikkun HaKlali cards survived.
The 3rd died - may Hashem have mercy on his soul!

If you would like me to send you one - free of charge - please e-mail me your name and address to

The ten psalms (to be read in this order) are: 16, 32, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 137, 150.

The rest of the site, The Jewish Prophecy - FULFILLED! is fascinating, for the usual Prattle definition of that word.

Note: the discussion of this at LiveJournal is getting rather interesting.

February 14, 2005

Bargain of the Day: Bible Hangman

Hangman Bible for Macintosh is an excellent tool for religious homeschoolers--not only do you get to indoctrinate your child, but the unusual word order in the game's name gives them a head start in Christian English. Not bad for $25 (US). So, what is it?

[Non-violent, my arse!]Hangman Bible is a religious-themed take on the classic hangman game, the same game we all played when we were kids, on paper or on the blackboard at school. Hangman Bible is a classic word game. It's easy to play, and fun for all ages. Letters can be chosen using the mouse or the keyboard. Words can be selected from various religious-themed built-in categories, suitable for Sunday Schools. Hangman Bible is a colorful, educational game with digitized sound effects, speech, non-violent graphics, a little cultural literacy, and whole lot more. Non-violent, family software at its best.

Hangman Bible supports the speech synthesis that's built-in to most Macs. The speech synthesizer can spell and/or say the word that was just guessed. It can even speak words of encouragement when you win or lose the game. (Registered users can customize these phrases.) Hangman Bible includes many speech-related enhancements, making the game much more fun for visually-challenged users.

Another exciting feature of Hangman Bible is the Knowledge Area. Game words (that is, the words that you have to guess in the game) can include information about that particular word or phrase. For instance, if the word category is Saints, when the game ends, information about the Saint just guessed will be shown.

Hangman Bible now features built-in word categories, such as: Apostles, Bible Stories, Books of the Old Testament, Books of the New Testament, Christmas, Jewish Months, Popes, Religious Words and Phrases, Sacraments, Saints and Women in the Bible.

Hangman Bible is a colorful, educational game with digitized sound effects, speech, non-violent graphics, a little cultural literacy, and whole lot more. The perfect game for your home or for Sunday School. It's available now for a free 10-Day Trial.

It seems the Christian English dictionary defines non-violent a little differently than the regular, Satanic dictionaries. I suspect the entry reads a little like this:

non-violent adj. Of poor quality, not very accomplished. non-violent graphics, low resolution, blocky images see Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

As for the conventional definition of non-violent, well, when you lose (and I'm ashamed to admit that it took me far longer than expected to lose a game) the hanged man swings ominously, an impressive touch of realism for such a simple game. But non-violent? My arse!

Still, if you are tempted by this remarkable shareware product, the requirements are quite modest -- you need a PowerPC Macintosh with screen resolution of 800x600 (or more), running OS9 or OSX. And victims of the Borg need not worry, as A Windows version is also available.

February 8, 2005

Bargain of the Day: Expensive pebbles

If I'm going to pay >$750 for a bit of rock, then I'd expect it to be diamond or something, but apparently (according to the vendor), these WISHING ROCKS are Powerful, Magical, will bring you Luck and Happiness, and so must be worth it, right?

MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! Wishing rocks from the Last Frontier! These rocks have been used throughout history for meditating, praying, and of course, wishing. Their mere presence in your life brings a sense of serene spirituality, and their use in rituals or concentrated prayers brings an overwhelming feeling and knowledge of completeness and understanding, as though whatever you wish for will come to fruition, what you've longed for will be yours. It's a peace-gaining experience to own, use and cherish the wishing rocks. These wishing rocks have never been touched by human hands until acquired specifically for you, which makes these wishing rocks perfect for all of your dreams and wishes!

February 7, 2005

Bargain of the Day: mucked-up pancake

[Jesus, allegedly]Shrove Tuesday isn't till tomorrow, but Jesus doesn't seem to be very good at timing his appearances, which is why we feature this Vision of Jesus Christ on a Pancake as today's bargain.

The pictured comestible apparently contains, as you might have guessed, an image of Jesus. The vendor has described it in detail, but I suspect they have special spiritual eye sight, because I can't see it at all.

Jesus appeared on my apple pancake. I was shocked to see it when I flipped it over. A radius of apple halo crowns His head, and his eyes are upturned to heaven. This is a miracle to turn the direction of my life to the right path. Thank you for this vision Lord, I hope others may see it as proof of Your mysterious ways.

February 6, 2005

Bargain of the Day: Flashing Jesus

Today's bargain is a job lot of flashing Jesii, complete with flowing ginger locks:

[See Jesus flash!]These Jesus statues can be seen gracing the dashboards of delivery trucks in Christian states throughout India, but are new to America.

Lot of 7: 3 Jesus blue, 3 Jesus black, plus ONE Mary!

All are plastic with 2-3 colors of flashing LEDs! Very cool looking at night. An excellent way to profess one's faith. Jesus runs on 12V only; Mary runs on 6V or 12V. Put one at the peak of your Christmas tree! Keep one in the window of your home as a guardian!

NOTE: Mary and 2 of the Jesus statues need simple repair. The electronics work, but the statue has come off of its base and needs to be reglued.

I would prefer to sell them as a lot, but if you see this and are interested in purchasing just one; then if the lot does not sell, I can sell you one in good working condition for $9.99 plus $4.00 shipping.

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