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April 22, 2006

Bargain of the Day: Scripture Solitaire

Bored with solitaire, well Curry K. Software have added a whole new dimension with their Scripture Solitaire.

Scripture Solitaire transforms the game of Solitaire into a word game that helps players become familiar with Bible verses. Instead of the normal card rank (King, Queen, etc.), each card has a short phrase. When the phrases are all put together in order, they form a verse.

But Scripture Solitaire does more than simply merging the Bible with a card game. In addition to entertaining and uplifting, it serves as a powerful aid to learning and memorizing scriptures. You'll also discover that Scripture Solitaire's unique game play is conducive to meditating deeply on the verse you are playing.

Available for the Macintosh and Windows for a mere $14.95, and a demo too, but surely a gateway to gambling?

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