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March 26, 2007

Bargain of the Day: cuddly goddesses

Feel safe at night with your very own Goddess Blessing Doll:

Triple goddess dollsSoft bodied Goddess dolls are popular with modern fabric artists and come in all sorts of different forms.Goddess dolls are spiritually inspired by an idea, feeling or concept etc..

My Goddess dolls are shaped in a traditional Goddess form, to evoke her gentle, powerful and healing spiritual energies. They are unique in having a pocket incorporated into the design into which names, hair, herbs, affirmations, spells, crystals, prayers etc…can be placed, to allow her to be used in healing, magical or spiritual workings.

My dolls are intended to connect you to higher spiritual energies as you work with them and create a relationship with the mother Goddess.

I work with my Goddess Blessing doll by writing a wish or affermation on some paper, for example 'May peace prevail on the earth' and placing it within the pocket with a small crystal and a few apropriet herbs (wrapped securely in tissue for easy removal) I then take the doll and channel healing energies and/or chant the affermation as I hold her. If sending healing to someone, I will place their name in the pocket and use the doll as you would a poppet in sympathetic magic or Reiki/spiritual distance healing. There are many ways you can use the Doll, but they are designed to be used only with positive, healing and loving intent.

It seems that neopagans can speak Christian English, too.

March 23, 2007

Loony neopagan nonsense: the motherlode

Thank you spiritof1976 for introducing me to the LJ community dot_pagan_snark. Some highlights:

March 22, 2007

Bargain of the Day: Astrology cookbook

Vanity presses will famously publish anything, and their latest offering is Dining by the Stars by Maija Dambis Collins.

For each astrological sign, Collins interprets characteristics in five areas: personal habits; love and romance; the role in the family; circle of friends and colleagues; and seasonal celebrations. The chefs studied this information along with an established list of foods and condiments derived from ancient astrologers who analyzed specific influences for each zodiac sign. Original recipes were then created for each of the five areas listed above. The result: culturally diverse culinary masterpieces that are individually designed to appeal to specific astrological signs.

She must've relied on the stars, rather than Google, when she chose scammers over a respectable self-publishing outfit like Lulu)

Not that failing to rip-off hopeful authors is a guarantee against lunacy, of course.

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