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October 9, 2008

Bargain of the Day: Kitty-chan died for your sins

Hello Kitty cross rosary pendant.The amount of Hello Kitty religious tat on the market is not limited to the unofficial, it seems. For example, here is a Hello Kitty Cross Rosary pendant for sale on a Japanese Sanrio web site. The cross is about 3.0 x 3.2 cm in size and is made of sterling silver with a rhodium finish. Four cubic zirconia stones are placed in the centre of the flowers. It comes with a 50cm chain, and costs a mere ¥9,800 (approximately £45).

Hello Kitty cross rosary pendant.But that's not all. Look what Hello Kitty Hell found: a blinged out Hello Kitty cross, with diamante everywhere and a Kitty head that swings in front. No news on whether it sings Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, but it ought to.

But Kitty's for everyone, not just Christians. Again, unlikely to be official product is this Hello Kitty yarmulke:

Hello Kitty cross rosary pendant.

October 8, 2008

Bargain of the Day: Hail Kitty full of grace

Hello Kitty conscripted by evangelists.Our local Chinese supermarket sells Hello Kitty stickers. Today I picked up some that I suspect are definitely not Sanrio official licensed product. Even though I don't read Portuguese, the slogans didn't look right. Indeed, they looked Prattleworthy, so I spent an extra quid and then used Google Translate to check the slogans. And what did I get?

  • Let Sign That You Call That Came To Be The Son Of God!
  • The love of Jesus and for all!
  • Open your heart too!
  • Much Life!
  • Come on!
All very odd things for a lesbianism-glorifying Satanic creation to be saying. Click on the image for a photo of the whole sheet.

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