The Pagan Prattle: Samhuinn 2002


Word from the Squirrel's Nest

Has it really been three years?


The Goddess gets PMS, No sex please - we're Canadians and bits of religious news.

Harry Potter and the Fundamentalist's Mind

Surprise, surprise, Christian extremists don't like J.K.Rowling's creation.

9/11 * 666 = 23

A few September 11th conspiracies blaming everybody except Osama bin Laden and his cronies.

Bizarre Bazaar

You can buy some really unusual religious tat online. There's so much of it that this might become a regular feature!

Bollocks and Broomsticks

Kevin Carlyon is wrong. Again. The Prattle proves it!

Test Those Christians

A Non-believer's Guide For Testing The True Christian by Ammond Shadowcraft.

Edinburgh Shops

Some interesting places to buy stuff

[Cover of Samhuinn 2002 issue]