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Shortly after the attacks on the USA on September 11th, Jerry Falwell declared I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People for the American Way -- all of them who have tried to secularize America -- I point the finger in their face and say, 'You helped this happen.' And, on September 13th, told viewers of Pat Robertson's 700 Club what we saw on Tuesday, as terrible as it is, could be minuscule if, in fact, if in fact God continues to lift the curtain and allow the enemies of America to give us probably what we deserve. Pat Robertson agreed and in a statement released the same day said We have imagined ourselves invulnerable and have been consumed by the pursuit of ... health, wealth, material pleasures and sexuality... It [terrorism] is happening because God Almighty is lifting his protection from us.

Following an outraged response, Pat Robertson quickly backpedalled, but not for long. On his January 2nd show, he claimed to have heard from God Himself, who told him I will punish men and women for idolatry, sorcery, immorality, murder, violence, blasphemy, and indifference to me. What is coming will be too horrible for you to contemplate. San Francisco was among the cities picked out for the Lord's particular attention. God also told Robertson that He would protect George W. Bush, but His power clearly does not extend to pretzels.

Some people see much more into the events. Rather than God acting in vague and mysterious ways, it's Satan and his minions using complicated and incomprehensible means towards total world domination. Fortunately, our heroes can see right through the Devil's dark web of intrigue.

Take our old friends Diakrisis. Once a barking mad loony fundie magazine exposing the evils of satanic abuse, they've moved online. Ostensibly Expounding the truth as uniquely revealed in the Holy Bible, the web site is more about the sort of thing never mentioned in that ancient tome. As well as exposing the satanic origins of any group other than themselves, including other evangelical Christians, they keep an eye on the Conspiracy. The events of September 11th inspired them to a number of articles, such as the 8,000 word The Shape of Things to Come -- Global Conspiracy & the World Trade Center which promises to look at this event in the light of global conspiracy, the aims of the Illuminati, and the process of mind-control. An important plan is to introduce worldwide totalitarianism without anyone noticing:

"In fact, this is where the world has been heading almost since the beginning of its history. For the battle between the forces of good and evil, which we see commencing in the story of the Garden of Eden (Gen.3:1-6), will culminate in the establishment of a fascist, totalitarian one-world government under the leadership of a totally lawless man (2 Thess.2:3-10) to whom power and authority will have been delegated by the leader of the spiritual forces of darkness (Rev.13:1-2) whom Christians have traditionally called the Devil, Satan or -- more appropriately today -- Lucifer."

The fact that intelligence organisations knew something was planned, but did nothing, is all part of it, and nothing to do with a combination of arrogance and incompetence. They even manage to get the death of Princess Diana into it:

"Another landmark event was the killing of Diana Spencer -- the "People's Princess". The hypnotic manner in which people responded to her death and the delusion involved in the vast outpouring of grief was a kind of "rehearsal" for later occasions when the masses need to be easily controlled by a power outside of themselves. It is in such a manner that the world dictator (the Antichrist) will be accepted by so many as a necessary leader (even by many calling themselves Christians -- and especially the one's who wear extravagant frocks!!)."

The conspiracy signals its intent in strange ways. According to Mark Seely

"The 1968 Movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" May Have Been a Prediction about the Events of September 11, 2001, And It May Have Cost the Movie Director, Stanley Kubrick, His Life "

Kubrik's death, 666 days before the start of 2001, is just one clue. The titles of both 2001 and 2010 are connected to the number 11:

"The choice of these titles may connect to the date September 11 as follows. After September 11 there are 111 days left in the year. Also, if we calculate 111 moon orbits after September 11, 2001, we get within a day of January 1, 2010. This may explain why the first two Clarke novels were named "2001" and "2010.""

And not forgetting the all-important 33:

"The number 33 is a major witchcraft number. It is rumored that David Koresh, Timothy McVeigh, and Jesus of Nazareth were all killed at the age of 33 by self-styled governmental authorities. The number 33 can be decoded from the movie "2001" because the movie was first shown in 1968, which is 33 years before the year 2001."

The site then demonstrates the connections with a vast array of charts and illustrations. It's all very different from the rest of his site, which is obsessed with detecting people who are secretly black!

But the prize for the most thorough numerological analysis of the events of September 11th goes to Richard Hoagland, best known for his interest in the face on Mars. His article, bylined "The Enterprise Mission", was also one of the earliest and it explains how September 11th was just a small part of a much larger plan:

"The portent of this new period was defined by the passing of Sirius across the Giza meridian at precisely 12:00 midnight on January 1, 2000, an event which we have shown could NOT have been "coincidental." At that time, we asserted that this singular event, dictated by a series of deft manipulations of the western Gregorian calendar, had been planned and worked towards for perhaps more than two millennia. The authors of this extraordinary and meticulously planned celestial event were a series of groups which have come to be loosely known as "secret societies" -- semi-hidden bands of hand picked and self-appointed "leaders" who frequently attempt to manipulate secular political events."

Hoagland also understands the significance of the numbers 9 and 11

"It became obvious fairly early that there were some strange coincidences surrounding these events. As was quickly reported throughout the Internet, there were a whole bunch of odd "9-1-1" and "11" coincidences that linked to these horrific attacks.

For instance:

After noting the significance of the date to Christians in Egypt, he then explains why it is the date was chosen: the United States of America is a Masonic experiment. Freemasonry was born out of the Knights Templar, and Muslims have never forgotten the Crusades. Osama bin Laden understands masonic/Templar symbolism and used it deliberately:

"We think the specific numerology of these attacks -- the date, their timing, the flight numbers of the planes chosen, even the number of passengers and crew aboard each flight -- was an encoded message and a warning from bin Laden to his Templar opponents. "I understand your magic and I can make use of it myself.""

The flight numbers are significant, too. Conveniently ignoring the fact that there was almost no security on US domestic flights at the time, Hoagland asks:

"And even more to the point, why hijack just 767s or 757s? They're big planes, yes. And they got the job done. But why not grab 747s? They have much larger fuel capacities and would do a lot more damage, just because of their sheer size. Unless ... they didn't have the right Flight Numbers that fateful morning?"

They also don't operate on domestic flights that often. After demonstrating more numerological and celestial links to Bush's response to the attacks, Hoagland begins to worry:

"What if the redundant "11's" all throughout this process also referred to an arrogant prediction (in keeping with the ancient "rules of engagement" of such secret societies) of the next attack like the eleventh month? And what if "175" was really "17.5," like noon on the 17th of November? Which we subsequently discovered, just "happens" to be noon on the first full day of Ramadan -- the holiest period of the year for Muslim's around the world. What if we were supposed to look to Mecca, the Holy City of Islam, where at least a million pilgrims would be gathered (in the "Haj") at noon on that specific day?"

But he finds nothing significant happening in the skies over Mecca on that day, and rules out bin Laden framing the US for an horrific attack as a ploy to involve the entire Muslim world in jihad against the west.

"So again, we looked. Noon in Mecca on the 17th is 4:00 AM in Washington DC. At precisely that moment, Sirius, the goddess Isis -- the most important single star in this Templar/Masonic religion -- will be at EXACTLY 33° elevation with an azimuth of EXACTLY 195 ° (a decimal "harmonic" of 19.5). A celestial alignment which, eerily, will be an exact duplicate of Sirius' alignment for Washington DC at the height of the September 11th attack and Princeton's "peak!";"

And we all know what happened in Washington on November 17th 2001.

Inevitably, the Jewish conspiracy has to get a look-in. The Anti-defamation League noticed a persistent, and untrue, rumour:

"Following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, a rumor circulated on the Internet claimed that 4,000 Israelis did not report to work, or "called in sick" that morning. It suggested that no Jews died because they somehow had foreknowledge of the attack. There are several variations of this rumor, including one suggesting that Israel was behind the attacks."

An article published on September 12th, World Trade Center Attack Conspiracy by Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, gets straight to the point:

"I have said repeatedly that Freemasonry and Zionist Jews are the secret World Order and I am not alone in this for many have been spelling out how the Illuminati and like groups are all part of the same evil. These secret cults have no respect for what you and I know to be true, that we are all children of God, they however are not, for their religions tells them that Lucifer is god and that Jehovah and Jesus and Christ are the devil. A strange reverse of logic but this is what it is all about."

Numerology and celestial events again provide the key to the timing of the attacks:

"September 11th 3 BC is the date Jesus was born? A time line revealed by the Great Step within the Pyramid, and pyramidologist's calculate that date to have been the birth date of Jesus in 3 BC. They are almost right, life begins at conception, and September 11th 3 BC was when Mary the mother of Jesus conceived of the Holy Spirit sent by God via the angel Gabriel. 280 days later Jesus was born in Bethlehem on June 17th 2 BC. And to the east above Babylon Jupiter aligned with Venus. .In the bible the word LOVE is found on 280 occasions, and is the human gestation period or 40 weeks. Lucifer or its cult, always acts on dates that align with Jesus, as mentioned."

And what of Lucifer's cult?


Ah, the British Royal family again, though presumably not Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

"The towers then represent the evil of the Jews and the beast Charles has been proven by my number observation and historical facts, murdering Lady Diana and manipulation to make his son fit the Christ numbers."


"What the aim of this Mystery Babylonian Religion is attempting to do, is to create numbers by the formation of Israel and the destruction of the Twin Towers, by covert manipulation, and in doing so, appear that God, the creator, has established Israel, Prince Charles and identify William the Prince of Wales by murdering his mother and create the 5550 day of his age when she was murdered, to align with the second coming of Christ and make war, destroy 'evil' monetary systems of the West, as per the book of Revelation then show the world the enemy of Christian righteousness in the West, is the 'evil' Muslim nations, eliminate the 'evil' they themselves created in the name of Jesus, destroy the Muslim States and bring in the rod of iron of Jesus with Charles and his son Prince William, as Christ and Charles as his father God. The Illuminati, Freemasonry, Knights Templar's, Royal Family, are all in on this ancient Babylonian Religion and the plot to do this terrible deed is older than the buildings themselves."

He even manages to link in the B25 which crashed into the Empire State Building in 1945.

Public Action, a self-proclaimed revisionist group, see it all as part of a war for Jewish supremacy, a Lubevitcher plan to install a Jewish theocracy and kill all the Christians. They also believe David Irving is a Zionist agent and that the Jewish-controlled media is stopping us investigating too closely.

Finally, another viewpoint is that it was the work of Chinese Communists, who plan to kill all Americans and all Chinese (except, presumably, themselves) and set themselves up as the world government. Alas, the paper How Chinese communist unify the world? is in Chinese and "Freeman" has only limited English so has just provided a summary. The attacks were, in part, a response to the United States' 'accidental' bombing of the Chinese Embassy in former Yugoslavia, and the mid-air collision between US and Chinese military aircraft in April 2001. A kabal "X nation" within the Chinese Communist Party is looking for an excuse to start a Sino-US war:

"Just mentioning Chinese face involve in World Trade Center attack and anthrax virus spread, create a wide hate-China mood in the U.S. Then no need U.S. government to send any order to shoot a missile to China, X nation is probably capable to hijack one U.S. nuclear submarine and shoot a missile to mainland China. Once this missing link (missile attack China) is complete, Chinese communist missile troop fall into X nation's direct command !! SINO-US-BIG-WAR formally start !!"

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