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August 4, 2002

Gospel Science Fiction

My fiancé has been known to write science fiction, and so might be interested in joining William Charles Deich IV's Gospel Science Fiction Revolution:

Several years ago, when the LORD started an awesome move in my life, I came to the Revelation that we have Christian music, Christian T-shirts, Christian bumper stickers . . . . and nearly everything else, . . . . but no Christian science fiction! My immediate response: Let's invent some! This is why I want to start the GOSPEL SCIENCE FICTION REVOLUTION where millions of people around the world will be writing GOSPEL SCIENCE FICTION to save the lost!

To get you started, he's included a number of his own tales - William's Gospel SI-FI Adventures (sic.) - inspired by a certain well-known work of fantasy. The Lost Boy is a play - Lost in Hyperspace, Brandon must find his way to God and rescue a mining colony around a black hole!

However, they still haven't found any life. Of course most of Brandon's colleges are totally brain washed by evolution and offer the standard explanation for this: since life is a rare and random event, they just haven't checked out enough star systems closely enough, but it has to be out there! However, when they ask Brandon, he has a different idea . . .

In case you forget, this badly spelled space opera has a Puropse:

While these stories take place far away in the future and in far away places, they are not intended to contradict the Bible or belief in the rapture or tribulation; they are merely intended to protray the Gospel in new and unusual ways. In fact these stories show that Jesus would have to come back before man spreads out to other planets. According to Daniel 9:24, one of the reasons there must be a Tribulation is to bring an end to sins. If that did not happen before man colonized other planets, then there would be no way of stopping it and sin would go on forever.

Go on Charlie, join in. You never know, Maybe some day we can publish our works together.

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