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January 15, 2003

It's the demons, honest.

United States: A woman displaying the classic symptoms of schizophrenia, and side-effects of drugs used to treat it, plans to protest outside a church HQ over what she sees as the unpardonable neglect of people who are possessed by a demon.
The symptoms started in 1993. I heard hateful voices, I had an involuntary blurb here or there. I had involuntary motions. For example, if I had been cutting a vegetable, the knife would move. My eyes would move without my permission, she said at an interview in her home Tuesday.
A priest in Connecticut convinced her she was posessed by 19 different demons including Masonic spirits from her mother's father, a spirit of ‘voodoo’ associated with occult dabbling by ancestors and a seaman involved in the African slave trade, but other priests were more sceptical. She claims she travelled from state to state seeking an exorcism, but had difficulty getting one. Sprague woman plans exorcism protestNorwich Bulletin, 15th January 2003.

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