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May 6, 2003

The issue is sealed

Japan: A statement issued yesterday in the name of Panawave laboratory leader Yuko Chino confirms that they are, indeed, awaiting Planet X.

The statement, filled with strange jargon, said the approach of the Nibiru star will be delayed nearly a week from Monday and those who do not listen to this message will face death.

Nibiru is an alternative name for Planet X, which some believe will pass Earth on 15th May this year, causing the poles to shift and massive destruction. The main reason for the Panawave statement was to call for the protection of a particular bearded seal which is significant to the group. Cultists enter Nagano; issue statement about Tama-chanJapan Today, 6th May 2003. See also Separated at birth?Pagan Prattle, 5th May 2003; Annual end-of-the-world post 2003Pagan Prattle, 1st January 2003.

May 5, 2003

Separated at birth?

Japan: Watchers of doomsday cults might have noticed something interesting about the white-clad Panawave group, currently in the news in Japan. Here's one summary of part of their beliefs:

The group claims that electromagnetic waves are causing catastrophic environmental destruction, including a rise in temperature. The damages caused by the waves will ultimately result in the end of the earth, according to the cult. Cult members believe a massive earthquake will occur on May 15, destroying humanity. It claims the domes in Oizumi can withstand any natural disaster.

They also allege that scalar wave attacks are being carried out by communist terrorists who have dispersed around the world following the break up of the Soviet Union.

See that date? 15th May, 10 days from now. Mainichi Daily News also has an interesting photo essay on Panawave with another explanation of what they believe is going to happen:

Cult members are convinced that the human race will be destroyed on May 15 this year because of a dramatic change in the angles of the Earth's axis.

Heard that anywhere before? Back on 1st January 2003, the Prattle looked at end-of-the-world prophecies for 2003, and linked to a site called Prep2003. Go there today, and you will see that we have 10 days remaining, although the site's maintainer has lost faith in the proposed date:

Although Mr. Sitchin has stated that he does not support the 2003 timeline, Nancy and the Zeta's insist that Planet X is due to pass between the Earth and the Sun on or around May 15, 2003 and that this information is being withheld from us by the world governments. Russia caused quite a stir in 2001 with their highly-sourced, very public comment that the country will no longer exist in 2003. After pressure to clarify the statement, the official version is that this will happen if the current economic situation remains unchanged. The Zeta's maintain that this 2003 flyby will cause worldwide death and destruction as the tremendous forces generated by the molten core of our celestial visitor tries to align with the molten core of the Earth and that this tremendous magnetic pull will cause Earth's crust to slip, creating a new north and south pole. In effect, a pole shift is what will happen. Unfortunately, there is an incredible amount of scientific evidence from many sources which supports the theory of recurring, catastrophic pole shifts on our planet! The only real debate left is when this is going to occur!

The origin of the date is almost certainly ZetaTalk, which I note is available in Japanese translation. Could they be related? Perhaps not - Panawave members have been wandering around Japan looking for a safe place, but ZetaTalk warns For Japan, there will be no safe place. It is like asking where in a tornado one should stand to avoid the tearing of the wind!

Kooky cult gets all clear - Mainichi Shimbum, 5th May 2003.

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