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October 25, 2005

Space aliens are fag hags

United States/United Kingdom: Singer Robbie Williams believes that San Francisco is under the special protection of extraterrestrials.

The pop heartthrob has revealed he used to have a recurring dream that the US city, which has a history of devastating earthquakes, was being destroyed and he had to save it, according to entertainment portal femalfirst.

Robbie has now confessed the premonitions have stopped and he has been told that extra-terrestrials prevented the potentially fatal disaster.

He told Britain's Times 2 magazine: Latest news about San Fran is aliens fixed it. That's seriously what I heard - they fixed the fault.

Robbie Williams' alien savioursNew Kerala, 25th October 2005.

October 23, 2005

Anti-Alien Device Found in Home

United States: Moving is a stressful business. Finding that the previous tenants of your new home left something behind can make it even more stressful. Usually that little something extra comes in the form of hidden red wine strains on the carpets and an oven with an inch thick layer or grease and scudge. For new tenants in Iowa, the abandoned item was a device designed to scare off aliens living underground.

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