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July 3, 2008

A list of schools to avoid

United Kingdom: University admissions tutors might be interested in a survey conducted by More4 News, which found that at least 40 British schools are teaching ancient mythology instead of science. The programme also noted that not all of the schools concerned were in the private sector. Andrew Copson, the British Humanist Association's Director of Education and Public Affairs commented:

It is appalling that there are thousands of children in Britain who are being taught that evolution is a myth and creationism a fact. It is even worse that almost 1,000 of those children attend schools funded by taxpayers, which teach creationism despite national guidance that it has no place in the science classroom. We are glad that the government is currently producing new guidance on how to deal with creationism in schools but it is crucial that school inspectors are also trained to check faith schools rigorously for the teaching of creationism or intelligent design.

Humanists 窶彗ppalled窶? that creationism taught in 40 UK schools British Humanist Association press release, 2nd July 2008.

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