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August 16, 2009

Stupidest anti-evolution argument yet

Turkey: Creationist bampots are rather active in allegedly secular Turkey, and they have an Islamic flavour. Adnan Oktar, author of the notorious Atlas of Creation is apparently banged up for creating an illegal organisation for personal gain and making threats, so it's up to his cronies to fly the creationist flag. And they are even more lacking in basic science, even though one of them is a brain surgeon! A correspondent for soL, a Turkish left-wing news portal, watched the TV debate and reports:

During the TV show, Dr. Oktar Babuna and Cihat Gündoğdu tried to disprove arguments of the scientists...

They called in the question which evolution created angel and daemon, how felicities in the heaven evolved, how the snake came into existence out of the baton as well as the bird out of mud. The creationists tried to disprove evolution theory with these questions.

They did not address how other similar creatures, such as invisible pink unicorns, cast doubt on evolutionary theory.

"Well then, how did angels evolve?"soL, 16th August 2009.

August 1, 2009

God is incompetent

Scotland: A few days ago, a tornado hit Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. Ten days or so before that, the first Sunday ferry sailed to Stornoway, and eight days (the Record got it wrong) after the first civil partnership took place on the island. It took less than 24 hours for a superstitious bampot to make a connection between these events and his imaginary friend.

The Reverend James Tallach, of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, told the Record: I'm not in a position to say this was the will of God. I don't have that information here.

"But I am prepared to say that it's certain no good will come out of defying God's law.

"That is what a Civil Partnership does. What happened on Monday was in defiance of God.

"We have also seen a clear breach of the Fourth Commandment, which regards keeping the Sabbath holy. Sunday sailings were also against the law of God.

You can see why we keep these people on a small island a long way from civilisation. Anyway, we can draw one major conclusion from this: God has a really shit aim. He managed to miss the fuel depot for the ferries, for example. Furthermore, the Prattle has a contact on Lewis, a man who was on that first Sunday ferry and who wore a T-shirt designed to wind up the protesters. Obviously the sort of character God would want to smite, and indeed He got within about 20 metres. The exact quote was something like Well it hit number 34, but I live at number 32! Really, you can't get the deities these days.

Discussion in the pub also brought forth an interesting hypothesis: if we take the time between an event said to incur the wrath of God, and an incident which is said to be caused by the aforementioned wrath, then we can work out how far away God must be. Of course, this assumes a deity is bound by the speed of light.

Stornoway tornado was 'wrath of God', says ministerDaily Record, 30th July 2009.

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