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June 29, 2011

Die rosa Euro

Germany: Lufthansa is one of the sponsors of several "Christopher Street Day" (LGBT Pride) events around the country, and is offering a number of special deals should you wish to travel to any of the cities around those dates. One Catholic extremist "news" service is upset at this, and is not content with simply making a few snide comments about cabin crew. No, according to, flying with Lufthansa could give you AIDS! Let me translate:

Travel advisory to passengers on the German airline: the upholstery and interior of the aircraft could be infected with HIV. Families and children are particularly vulnerable.

No mention is made of the cooties that could leap out at your delicate regions from the toilet seat.

Fans of the outrageous will be pleased to note that this religious group goes on to compare Lufthansa to another organisation from German history. Yes, that one:

Lufthansa marches the German goose-step in the gay parades in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Hamburg....

In the Berlin homosexual parade — reminiscent of the Nazi Party rallies in Nuremberg — the homosexual mayor Comrade Klaus Wowereit will ride on a ridiculous vehicle also marred with Lufthansa logos.

Love the mixed metaphors there, and I'm hopelessly disappointed that they forgot to rant about the presence of the Orden der Schwestern der Perpetuellen Indulgenz.

Die ‘Lufthansa’ st├╝rzt, 27th June 2011 (with thanks to Schwester Aura Scortea Beneficia)

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