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January 26, 2002

Satan's Street

Superstitious Romanian officials want to change the house numbers in a street against the wishes of the residents. The 40 or so houses in Renasterea Street, Sinpetru all have numbers beginning with '66' which the officials associate with '666'. As new houses were added to the street, they were numbered by adding first a letter, and then an additional number, to 66. The residents are proud of this unusual system and point out that the local postman always delivers by name anyway. All change for 'Devil's number' houses, Ananova January 25th 2002.

Constitution? What constitution?

A Florida mayor's Hallowe'en proclamation banning Satan from the town of Inglis has brought the threat of legal action and might well cause her downfall. Carolyn Risher's proclamation called for action in the name of Jesus, mentioning him several times, and copies were placed in four hollowed-out fence posts marked Repent, Request and Resist. The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida has written to the mayor saying that a federal lawsuit will be filed if the proclamation isn't repealed. The ACLU emphasises the United States' strict separation of church and state: The Constitution protects private assertions of faith, but absolutely prohibits government involvement in those same matters. They have demanded the removal of the fenceposts, the repeal of the proclamation and insisted that the mayor personally reimburse the town for any public funds used. ACLU action lands Satan on Inglis meeting agendaSt. Petersburg Times January 25th 2002.

January 25, 2002

Just blame Satan.

There's a mini-glut of "the Devil made me do it" murder cases right now, though in both cases it looks like an insanity plea.

Best known is the on-going case in Germany. Daniel and Manela Ruda admit they killed Frank Haagen, but insist it wasn't murder because they were only obeying orders - from Satan. The couple also claim to have learned about Satanism and drinking blood in the UK, including performing rituals in cemetaries with covens here in Edinburgh. Their defence lawyers are arguing for more lenient sentences because the couple are mentally disturbed. Satanists killed man 'on Devil's orders', BBC News January 18th 2002.

Meanwhile, over in the States, Andrea Yates has told detectives that she drowned her five children to free herself from demons and punish herself for her sub-standard parenting. While it might seem obvious why she pleaded not guilty on grounds of insanity in a state with the death penalty, it's not so simple - she wants to be executed as that's the only way to purge the demons inside her. She insists that if her head is shaved, the number '666' will be clearly visible as she is the Antichrist. If they won't shave her head to prove this, she wants her hair cropped in the shape of the crown that certain Christians believe is given to them by Jesus on their salvation. Mother Claims Devil Made Her Kill Her Children, Cosmiverse, 23rd January 2002.

Follow my leader

A Dallas professor has suggested that Enron was a cult. Dave Arnott, management professor at Dallas Baptist University and author of Corporate Cults said that cults have three basic characteristics - they demand complete devotion from their followers, have a charismatic leader and foster separation from the community. Enron scored highly on all counts. Enron cultists follow the leader -, 23rd January 2002.

January 19, 2002

Star of Bethlehem is Satanic symbol

A Suffolk church has been asked to change the illuminated Christmas decoration on its tower because the five-pointed star is a symbol of witchcraft. Hedley Griffin, a resident of the nearby village of Laxfield, wrote to the Venerable Geoffrey Arrand, Archdeacon of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich claiming that the star, made by local craftsmen around 25 years ago, was Satanic and should not be used. Griffin complained The five-pointed star is a witch's mark, but a lot of people, including members of the church authorities, don't seem to realise this. It is puzzling to me why a symbol of the opposition should be used on the spire of a Christian church. I don't believe it is right. He then suggested a six or seven pointed star would be better! Row over church's..., East Anglian Daily Times, 18th January 2002.

January 14, 2002

Leave me alone, I'm a god

Indian conservationists are protecting endangered turtles from poachers by claiming the creatures are incarnations of Vishnu - a Hindu god. According to officials from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Visakhapatnam, fishermen no longer kill Olive Ridley turtles when they accidently catch them, but instead worship them with flowers and vermillion powder before returning them to the sea. They consider this approach to be more effective than the threat of prosecution. Endangered turtles 'saved by Hindu god link', Ananova, 14th January 2002.

January 12, 2002

Blue, blue, my world is blue

David Icke has responded to recent news that the universe is turquoise (BBC), with an I told you so, back in 1991. He doesn't explain why his shade of deep turquoise is nothing like the pale jade discovered by the scientists. David Icke 'knew space was turquoise first', Ananova, 12th January 2002.

January 3, 2002

I name this child

A Christian woman in Calabar, Nigeria, has divorced her Muslim husband after he named their new-born baby boy after Osama bin Laden. She and the child are currently staying with relatives.

When a journalist from the Vanguard newspaper tried to speak to the father, he was told:

Why do you journalists always poke your noses in other people's problem? ... How many times have you written to condemn the killings of Muslim Palestinians by the Israelis... For your information, the name of my child is Osama bin Laden, he is a hero who has taught America a lesson of their lives.

Calabar Woman Divorces Husband for Naming Child After Bin Laden, 2nd January 2002.

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