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February 11, 2002

Staying Alive

The South African 'apostle' who forecast his own demise is still not dead and has run up massive debts in the last couple of months. An anonymous businesswoman told the South African Press Association He originally predicted his death to be on the 28th of January, so in December he went on a wild shopping spree buying things and now he can't pay for it because he's still alive. I can think of a few businesses who want him dead Apostle Running Away From Earthly Debts, South African Press Association (via February 9th 2002.

February 6, 2002

Thou Shalt Not Mix

The House of Commons has voted overwhelmingly to encourage intolerance and separatism, and to allow tax money to be spent on spreading superstition among children by promoting religious schools. An amendment to the Education Bill put forward by Frank Dobson, which would have required faith schools to offer a quarter of their places to children with parents of other, or no, religion, was defeated. Citing the example of the problems surrounding Holy Cross School in Belfast, he told the House If you were to substitute race or colour for the word 'religion', it would be unacceptable. Faith school rebels defeated, BBC News February 6th 2002.

In Scotland, where children from Roman Catholic families are educated separately from the rest, there are still serious sectarian problems. In 1999, David Hutton was jailed for life for murdering a teenage boy in a sectarian killing. Violent reminder of sectarianism, BBC News September 22nd 1999.

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