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April 26, 2002

Do these people eat bread?

The Coca Cola logo reveals its true meaning when viewed in a mirror:

If you read it from left to right (mirror orientation) it clearly says NO MOHAMMAD NO MEKKAH in arabic letters.

Dear Brothers and sisters of Islam, If you are true Muslims then you will not drink Coca cola. Why? Would you really like to drink something that says No Mohammed No Mecca on it? If the answer is YES then in this case you are not suited to be called a Muslim.

And apparently some of the ingredients are extracted in alcohol, so it isn't Halal anyway. Is Coca Cola Haraam? via Avedon Carol's The Sideshow.

April 22, 2002

Not so grey and boring after all.

Aberdeen is the most ungodly city in Britain according to a group of evangelical Christians, who plan to bring up to 4,000 missionaries to the city for 40 days in June and July. Backed by Somebody Cares America, a group based in the United States, Jesus Revolution 2002 plans to spend around £30,000 trying to convince the Aberdeen's children that they need an imaginary friend. They have tried to gain access to schools, making no attempt to get permission from the local education authority, plan to disturb every single household in the city and have made a TV advertisement which aims to win converts by insulting Aberdeen. Scottish Media Monitor, May 2002.

April 15, 2002

Gd lvs u

Filipino Catholics can now learn that "Gd lvs u" thanks to a new service offered by the Catholic Church in conjunction with the two top mobile phone companies and the Dublin-based Jesuit Communication Centre. To access Catextism, users send the word "Amen" to a special number to get a menu of spiritual readings and prayers. The gospel according to SMS - The Star (South Africa), April 12th 2002.

An older story linked to from the one above: A court has allowed superstitious taxpayers in St. Petersburg, Russia, to pay their tax without being issued with a tax card, which many regard as Satanic. The cards contain a barcode which the plaintiffs (mistakenly) claim conatins the number 666. Court tosses devilish digits out of tax card - IOL, February 21st 2002.
Urban Legends Reference Page on barcodes and the Number of the Beast

April 12, 2002

Live Nude Vicars

Wales: Welsh Anglicans are in for a surprise if they miss off the .uk part of the Church In Wales' URL because redirects to Tina's Free Live Cam, a 19-year old exhibitionist student's webcam. The Church is not amused, but a spokesman commented that it would be impossible to buy all the additional domains.

Churchgoers shocked as stripper 'hijacks' websiteAnanova, April 12th 2002.
The Church In Wales / Yr Eglwys yng Nghymru, in case you're interested.

April 5, 2002

Another fundie doesn't like having the piss taken.

Jerry Falwell has complained to the World Intellectual Property Organization over a site which satirises his extremist views. He claims the site, JerryFalwell.Com violates a common law trademark of his name. The non-commercial site parodies Falwell's views that September 11 was God punishing an unrighteous America and urges readers to follow all of God's Word, not just the bits affecting people you don't like:

Thank you for giving me a second chance to express my views about the recent terrorist attack. While it is true that in my heart I believe that God is punishing our nation, I now know the real reason that God is so angry. We have been claiming to be a God-fearing, and a scripture following nation, but we have only been "cherry picking" the Bible. If you think that the Bible is a morality guidebook, to pick and choose from, then you should leave now. If you believe as I do that the Bible is the word of God to be followed, then we must follow the entire Bible. God has commanded men not to shave their beards (Leviticus 21:5). That means we must never cut or trim our beards, or we will go to hell for disobeying God. I am asking that all American men stop shaving at once. We must show God that we are faithful to ALL of his commandments... You must not ask yourself what would Jesus do, you must ask what DID Jesus do! Jesus did not cut his beard, and wants us to also follow God's word in order to be a righteous nation.

In a previous attempt to stop people making fun of him, Falwell famously sued Hustler publisher Larry Flynt. He lost that case, as the Supreme Court decided that even the most extreme parodies were protected by the First Amendment - that part of the United States Constitution which guarantees freedom of speech. Rev. Jerry Falwell files complaint over Web site bearing his name - Boston Globe, April 4th 2002.

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