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July 31, 2002

Bugger off

New Zealand: A campaigner has his most recent complaint rejected by the Broadcasting Standards Authority and been ordered to pay costs. Paul Schwabe has made nine complaints in two years about the use of the word 'bugger', and this complaint was about the use of the phrase 'bugger all' by a mentally impaired farm worker during the Country Life radio show.

Mr Schwabe has complained about: A One News story about a horse named 'Bugger Me' (Feb 2000); the phrase 'bugger the international media' during a Holmes item (Feb 2000); the word 'bugger' in a National Radio play (July 2000); the use of `bugger' twice in the Tux Super Dog Challenge (Nov 2000); the phrase 'it's going to be a bugger to lose that shop' in a One News item about Deka's closure (March 2001); the Toyota ad (April 2001); the use of 'bugger' in documentary Inventions from the Shed (June 2001); the use of 'miserable buggers', National Programme (July 2001); the use of 'bugger' in an Assignment item (Oct 2001) and its use in a Lions documentary (Nov 2001).

In New Zealand, 'bugger' is an extrememly mild term and its use is considered acceptable by 75% of the population. Moaner gets the message: Bugger off - The Dominion Post (via Stuff), 31st July 2002.

July 17, 2002

A new tactic for Earth First!

Nigeria: One of Nigeria's main oil terminals has stopped production after a group of women threatened to remove their clothes in protest at the behaviour of western oil companies. Stripping is considered to be extremely insulting by the people who live along the Niger Delta.

This time it was Chevron's Escravos (Slaves) Terminal which was practically shut down as tens of women blocked the nearby airstrip and helipad and threatened to strip naked. Their leader, Helen Odeworitse, declared Our weapon is our nakedness.

The women have two basic demands. One, that a percentage of the oil revenue be spent on improving the living conditions of the local population and two, that the local menfolk be employed by the oil companies, so that the local people can benefit from the local resources in Nigeria's poorest region.

Bare women bar oilPravda, July 17th 2002.

July 10, 2002

The bottom line

Germany: A blind clairvoyant in Germany has pioneered a new technique—buttock reading.

The 39-year-old, who's been blind since he was three, says the bottom is more "intense" than the hand.

He says a reading can give information about his clients' personalities as well as their future wealth, happiness and health.

Psychic 'reads people's futures by feeling naked buttocks'Ananova, July 9th 2002.

July 5, 2002

New on the blogroll

The Jesus Museum is a website so named to display the silliness perpetrated in the name of that infamous dead wino.

Speaking of dogma, all religions are mind-numbing delusions, and their supporters are draining resources and delaying human progress. I make no exceptions when it comes to people who build lives around imaginary beings, but I choose to focus on Christianity because it's prevalent where I live (America). It's also the most corporate and techno-savvy of all cults, so it's that much easier to find its websites.

Current links on the site include some rather gruesome statues of Jesus and an organisation that's decided to preach to people who have taken vows of silence in protest at a lack of protection is schools.

July 4, 2002

Make love, not war, on terror

Transcendental Meditation guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has told Americans he can end world terrorism with love for a mere $1 billion (US). The money would be used to train 40,00 "Vedic Pandits", expert meditators who, according to the Times of India, would generate enough good vibes to save the world. The guru has shunned the public eye recently and is apparently unaware of the current troubles in his native India:

I have confidence that India will be the lighthouse for total knowledge. From there this total knowledge will radiate in the whole family of nations ... that would generate a powerful influence of peace that would spread throughout the whole world and neutralise the stress, the hatred and tensions that fuel terrorism and war today.

Give me $1 bn, I'll give you peace: Maharishi Yogi - The Times of India, July 4th 2002.

Wet patch causes excitement

A damp stain on the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem has attracted a lot of attention. Two Jewish men have tried to climb the wall because they think that the wall is crying - a sign of the coming of the Messiah. The men were led away by police and the rabbi in charge of the wall is looking for a leak. Leak may be causing water stain believed to hail the Messiah - Ananova, July 3rd 2002.

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