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August 21, 2002

They don't make 'em like they used to

Way back when I was first shown Usenet, Robert E. McElwaine posted IMPORTANT Information all over the place. Information such as:

"Global 2000" GENOCIDE
"Global 2000" is an international CON$PIRACY to WIPE-OUT most of the world's population by the YEAR 2000 by means of war$, famine (via weather control), disease (including GENETICALLY-ENGINEERED A.I.D.S.), slow-motion food poisoning (additives, pesticides, etc.), drugs (including tobacco and alcohol), violent crime (induced by poverty, drug addiction, TV violence, etc.), accidents (unsafe products), suppression of natural health remedies (including those against CANCER), infant formula samples given to 3rd-world mothers (mixed with filthy water; breasts dry up while using sample, cannot afford to buy more), etc., ETC., for POPULATION CONTROL. [And the Catholic Church is making this WORSE by banning use of artificial birth-control methods among its many members WORLDWIDE.].
Robert E. McElwaine

Now there is a Robert E. McElwaine Archive containing many of his postings and background information.

August 18, 2002

Things you see on lampposts

Wandering through Edinburgh yesterday, I spied a typewritten notice stuck to a lamppost. Promising - it was either going to tell us that we'd burn in Hell unless we repented right now, or it would allege that Ariel Sharon pours the blood of Christian and Muslim babies on his Corn Flakes each morning. Hoping for some class Loony Fundie Nonsense, I examined it more closely. It wasn't quite what I was expecting:

[ The notice ]

There is a huge planet approaching Earth. It is called Hercolubus - five or six times bigger than Jupiter. It will pass close enough to wipe out life on Earth, through earthquakes, floods and diseases.
There is God and there is Divine Justice.
There are extraterrestrials, some of whom will save a handful of people from the catastrophe.
The ones who survive will be working on and removing their psychological defects, and will be practising astral projection.
All this and more information can be found in HERCOLUBUS OR RED PLANET by V.M. RABOLU.
This book was not written as fiction, but as a warning. Order from a good bookshop - Price £5.95, ISBN 1857765117

August 12, 2002

But don't mediatate and drive

Bangkok's drivers are being asked to be aware of Buddhist teachings in an attempt to improve road safety. Billboards have appeared all over the city bearing messages such as Have the wisdom to prepare your journey before leaving home and Have mercy and lend a helping hand to motorists with car trouble. More are promised. A senior Education Ministry official in charge of religious education gave the scheme his approval:

A high state of consciousness and concentration, and the fifth precept -- abstention from alcohol and other intoxicants -- should be practised by all drivers.

One taxi driver said that the billboards were good to read while stuck in Bangkok's notorious traffic, but admitted Once I'm on the road, all I want to do is drive my passengers to their destinations as quickly as I can without hitting other cars. Drivers encouraged to adopt Buddhist ethics behind wheel - The Bangkok Post, August 12th 2002.

August 11, 2002

Listen with Mother

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin. Today's story is an adventure about cuddly toys: Tales of Plush Cthulhu.

August 9, 2002

Smelly companion

A Louisiana woman who kept her husband's body in her caravan for a month after his death will not be charged. Myra Foreman said that she had seen the face of the devil every time she made funeral arrangements. She also told detectives she had protected her husband from supernatural beings that came to the house each night. No charges to be filed against woman who kept husband's body in trailer - The Town Talk, August 7th 2002.

Pass me an alcopop

Just back from the Great British Beer Festival, where CAMRA launched a new campaign ostensibly to attract more women to the delights of proper beer. Using the figure of Ninkasi, a Sumerian predecessor to Ishtar creditied with inventing beer 4000 years ago, the campaign builds on previous ones, which featured naked models on beds of barley, barely covered with hops:

Last year's campaign helped us shake off real ale's flat cap image and proved very popular, particularly with younger men. With Ninkasi we are turning our attention to women and creating a new, powerful icon for female as well as male beer drinkers. We now need to see real ale brewers following our lead with innovative and exciting marketing campaigns to put British beer back at the top of the shopping list for the increasing numbers of female pub-goers.

This year's campaign should prove more popular with young men - rather than a dusky middle-eastern mother figure, Ninkasi has been depicted as Lara Croft with a pint glass. Hale Ninkasi! - CAMRA press release, 5th August 2002.

August 4, 2002

Gospel Science Fiction

My fiancé has been known to write science fiction, and so might be interested in joining William Charles Deich IV's Gospel Science Fiction Revolution:

Several years ago, when the LORD started an awesome move in my life, I came to the Revelation that we have Christian music, Christian T-shirts, Christian bumper stickers . . . . and nearly everything else, . . . . but no Christian science fiction! My immediate response: Let's invent some! This is why I want to start the GOSPEL SCIENCE FICTION REVOLUTION where millions of people around the world will be writing GOSPEL SCIENCE FICTION to save the lost!

To get you started, he's included a number of his own tales - William's Gospel SI-FI Adventures (sic.) - inspired by a certain well-known work of fantasy. The Lost Boy is a play - Lost in Hyperspace, Brandon must find his way to God and rescue a mining colony around a black hole!

However, they still haven't found any life. Of course most of Brandon's colleges are totally brain washed by evolution and offer the standard explanation for this: since life is a rare and random event, they just haven't checked out enough star systems closely enough, but it has to be out there! However, when they ask Brandon, he has a different idea . . .

In case you forget, this badly spelled space opera has a Puropse:

While these stories take place far away in the future and in far away places, they are not intended to contradict the Bible or belief in the rapture or tribulation; they are merely intended to protray the Gospel in new and unusual ways. In fact these stories show that Jesus would have to come back before man spreads out to other planets. According to Daniel 9:24, one of the reasons there must be a Tribulation is to bring an end to sins. If that did not happen before man colonized other planets, then there would be no way of stopping it and sin would go on forever.

Go on Charlie, join in. You never know, Maybe some day we can publish our works together.

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