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September 19, 2002

Religious Automata

A technological marvel will greet pilgrims visiting a pandal in Vijayawada for celebrations in honour of Ganesh. A figure of saint-composer Annamayya stands as a guard at the threshold of God. Placing a 5 rupee coin in his hand causes the statue to move into the sacred sanctuary and fetch a sweet for the devotee.

The seven dwarams (doors) open one-by-one as the saint steps towards the idol. There he collects a 'laddu' in a bowl and walks back to give it to the devotee.
The dwarams close one-by-one as Annamayya makes his exit. By the time he reaches the devotee, all the doors would be closed.

A local cloth merchant sponsored the installation. 'Annamayya' ladles out Ganesha laddus The Times of India, September 19th 2002.

Annoying angry youths further

London's police chief wants barking mad fundies to help deter young people from crime. Sir John Stevens wants to the Bible bashers to reach out to disaffected young people, citing research done as a result of the Damilola Taylor case. The Evangelical Alliance is naturally enthusiastic:

Senior members of the Evangelical Alliance are to meet Sir John in coming weeks to discuss ways of collaborating. The alliance, which is launching a values advertising campaign on the theme of forgiveness, also issued a 10 point plan, including praying for the police and even adopting individual officers and police stations to offer them support.

There is evidence that young people listen to evangelists - look at the increased success of the Harry Potter books after Christian extremists started campaigning against them.

September 15, 2002

Hot chocolate

Hindu devotees have been working hard to prevent a two-metre high chocolate Ganesh melting in temperatures of up to 35°C. The statue was made for an annual ten-day festival in which worshippers honour brightly painted statues before immersing them in the sea for good luck. Chocolate god melts in the Bombay heat - IOL, September 13th 2002.

Next: Wednesday opening

Loganair (who operate services on behalf of British Airways) and British Midland have upset the Lord's Day Observance Society on the Isle of Lewis with their plans to offer seven day air services into Stornoway airport. Protestors claim it would be the thin end of the wedge and would threaten a traditional way of life on the island which has caused most people born there to move to Glasgow or Edinburgh. Caledonian MacBrayne is also considering a Sunday ferry service. Second airline makes Sabbath plans - BBC News, September 13th 2002.

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