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October 26, 2002

Peer review doesn't mean it's done by fellow idiots

United States: A creationist group has filed a lawsuit against Los Alamos National Laboratory, Cornell University,the National Science Foundation and the U. S. Department of Energy because they've refused to publish the papers of Dr. Robert V. Gentry. Even though Gentry claims the papers scientifically disprove the big-bang theory and its assumptions of cosmic evolution, the suit is for religious discrimination.

Dr. Robert Gentry, World renowned Nuclear Physicist files lawsuit over alleged censorship of scientific evidence against the Big Bang theoryThe Young Earth Creation Club Press Release, not dated. Also check out Evolutionism contributes to spiritual blindness about the dangers of Communicating with the Dead, Communicating with Other spirits and Reincarnation, for some class LFN:

Thanks in large part to the dogmatic teaching of atheistic evolutionism in the public schools, many young people today may never learn the truth about how spiritually dangerous these practices are. The connection between evolutionism and these counterfeit spiritual experiences will be explained in more detail in the paragraphs that follow. If you are involved in these activities, or know someone who is, please take the time to look at the information presented on this page and the other links for a different, but important perspective on this phenomena (sic.).

Also The connection between homosexuality and evolutionism!

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October 24, 2002

Must be a ghost

Someone is nicking Hallowe'en ornaments from one woman's garden in Roslindale, Massachussets.

Dating back to Oct. 6, a group of unidentified bandits have hit the Short's home three times, taking carloads of Halloween props and decorations worth an estimated $200. Without a clue as to who the thieves might be, or why they have targeted her house, Short is finding this year's trick-or-treating season downright depressing.

Enough is enough already, said Short, a self-described Halloween and Christmas decoration nut. I don't understand why we're the only ones having this problem. We went to our neighbors and they haven't heard a thing.

It's almost like they know when we go to bed. It's kind of creepy.

All she has left is a full-size Frankenstein. Ghouls disappear three times from her lawnWest Roxbury Transcript, October 24th 2002.

October 23, 2002

The 'See You Jimmy' hat is in the post.

Uri Geller is pretty sure he's worked out the site of the Battle of Falkirk after visiting five possible locations. He was contacted by the Falkirk History Society after successfully locating a sunken submarine.

Mr Geller said he had watched Braveheart in an attempt to recapture the spirit of the time and wore a tartan shirt to get closer to Scottish culture.

The next stage is to go up in a helicopter and view the possible sites from the air:

I need to see sites like this from above because it is there where I feel a real surge, like a laser beam, when I know I am in the right place.

Geller is not charging for his services because he considers this particular task so important. Psychic 'solves' battle riddle - BBC News, October 22nd 2002.

October 22, 2002

Route 666

A Romanian mayor has dealt with a high accident rate on local roads by adding more obstacles for drivers to crash into. Mayor Mircia Munteanu, of Deva has erected four wooden crosses because he believes soil from local graveyards was used in the roads' construction and the spirits of those who were disturbed are causing the accidents. Mayor erects wooden crosses to ward off angry spirits - Ananova, October 21st 2002.

October 18, 2002

He'd better not try it!

Serbian men have revived a surefire way of telling if their fiancée is a witch.

The women are weighed and then weighed again sitting on the broomstick. If they weigh more the second time round they are not being supported by the broomstick and certainly not a witch.

Non-witches receive a certificate in a choice of languages, including English. Broomstick test tells grooms whether bride is a witch - Ananova, October 17th 2002.

October 12, 2002

Durga e-Puja

I haven't tried this out, because it's a Flash presentation, but Bangalinet's Durga e-Puja allows you to pay tribute to the Goddess Durga without leaving your desk:

It is a unique way of worshipping. It is an interactive presentation where the devotee can offer flowers, light the lamps, play the dhak, and do aarti.

The rest of their Durga Puja site is more accessible, and contains a lot of information about the festival, the myths behind it and, most importantly, vegetarian recipes associated with it.

Substandard sweeties

An Indian minister has taken a temple to task over the poor quality of the sweets it sells. Endowments minister D Sivaramaraju made a surprise visit to Lord Venkateswara temple in Tirumala and was disappointed by the use of poor quality ingredients used to make a type of laddu called Srivari Prasadam.

The faith with which devotees purchase laddus should be taken into account and maximum priority should be given to quality. The TTD should not hesitate even if it comes to spending a few crores for maintaining high quality.

The cardamom was singled out for particular criticism. Poor laddu quality at Tirumala irks minister - The Times of India, October 12th 2002.

October 11, 2002

Evening classes at Hogwarts

Fortune telling is booming in Japan, and one college of the divinatory arts has 8oo students, mostly women between 20 and 40. Academia College President Akio Morinobu told Josei Jishin:

Fortune telling is a popular job with women because they can continue doing it for a long time regardless of whether they marry or have children. It pays better than most part-time work and it's possible to do it from home. Many people become astrologers because it's a profitable way for them to pursue their hobbies. Even though it's a good job, until recently nobody really knew about how to go about going it. But now, people realize that if you study hard enough, you can become a professional fortuneteller. Astrology has become a vital part of morning news programs and now just about anybody knows what their star sign is. It's a time when you can go up to just about anybody and ask them what their sign is. The shiftiness once associated with astrology is a thing of the past.

Fortunetellers see bright future in their crystal balls - Mainichi Daily News WaiWai, October 10th 2002.

October 7, 2002

What's an ISIS neutrino machine?

George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Bill Clinton are making separate visits to Phoenix between Spetember 29th and October 31st, and one woman is really worried:

& the CLIMAX of HU_man Sacrifice is at HALLOWEEN
is it their INTENT to kill me or my daughter? with the ISIS neutrino machine? or FRY a part of AMERICA or OTHER country/like IRAQ?

The politicians are apparently Satanist lizards and have been personally attacking her and her family., and nobbling search engines to stop you finding out about their nefarious deeds:

Phoenix has one of the three largest COVENS in the United States of Satanists......the Satanists have thrEAtened to kill me on more than one occasion..& my entire family.. my daughter just returned to high school and was "randomly"given the number 4086 as a student number.. ( meaning for 86-termination---already two children in my family of brothers and sister have been murdered) even the search engine GOOGLE lists my website page.. KOHOLISIS as the second most important page of my website.. because the lizard-satanists-nazis rule GOOGLE search engines.. .. ( check it out and look up "wiolawa"-9-27-02.. well i guess the nazis on yahoo read my message today and changed the order of links.. deceptive kreeps who the lizards love to eat.. ho ho ho to them).....

A precise forecast

A Nigerian pastor has stuck his neck out and declared that Christ will return sometime in the next 998 years.

Really we are in the end time which is the day the Lord will return to earth. What we don't know is the hour, the day the month and the year. It might be 2002, 2003,2004 or any other year within the millennium.

He also blamed Christian themselves for the attacks they have suffered in northern Nigeria - he says it's because they haven't tried hard enough to convert people. Jesus Christ Returns This Millennium - Adeboye - This Day (via, October 6th 2002.

October 3, 2002

But surely God made it anyway?

A group of Christians in South Africa want to change the name of a mountain because it has the word "Devil" in it. The African Christian Democratic Party want to call Devil's Peak, near Cape Town, "Dove's Peak" instead. Christians take exorcism request to new peaks - IOL, October 2nd 2002.

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