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February 28, 2003

Bible studies in cross stitch

Mira Reisberg has produced some interesting artwork. Take the Ten Plagues of Exodus Wallpaper designs, one for each plague. I quite like death of the Egyptian's first born myself. She's also created a series of Seven Deadly Sins needlepoint canvases which are unlikely to be found in your local needlecrafts shop any time soon. But, if you hadn't already guessed from the Hell Money, she isn't any kind of raving fundamentalist, but is instead informed by her family history:

As a daughter of the holocaust, reconciling Judeo/Christian constructs has been a lifelong dilemma. How do I reconcile the idea of God with my families history? How do I reconcile everyday horror with the beauty I see every day? The goodness of people in the world with the cruelty of people in the world? My own goodness with my own cruelty?

(via Everlasting Blort)

Taking the eruv with the smooth

An eruv is a special enclosure used by Orthodox Jews to symbolically extend the boundary of the home, and therefore permit certain actions, such as pushing a wheelchair, which would not otherwise be allowed on the Sabbath. In other words, it's a legal hack. After much arguing with planning officials, the North West London Eruv is due to go into operation any day now, and as it's fragile, the website provides an eruv status message to warn the observant if a recent inspection has revealed any breach in the eruv. But, as Yoz Grahame has noticed, there's a problem with the warning on the website:

What's that? You can't see it? Ah. That'll be because you're using Mozilla. Or Safari. Or a phone browser. Or anything that isn't MSIE. Or you're running MSIE with Javascript turned off. Or you're a disabled person using a browser with extra accessability features, and now you're really annoyed because the main recipients of the benefits of the eruv are, of course, disabled people. The silliest thing here is that the web page seems to be dynamically-generated anyway (or, at least, hand-edited at least once a week)

Maybe it's to promote other, more profitable, methods of finding out about the eruv's condition? Yoz continues There's also an email and SMS service, though (in classic synagogue style) they seem to be demanding an 18 quid donation for subscription. (via BoingBoing)

Trees to marry

Thailand: a traditional engagement ceremony has been held, except that the happy couple are both trees - a teak tree and a lamduan, the engagement rings made of flowers and vines, and the bride received gifts of rice, peas and pressed fertiliser.

The ceremony began with the boisterous sound of traditional drums, gongs, cymbals, and Thai dancing from the groom's khan mark procession.
The ladies who carried the khan mark (present trays) wore leaves and flowers in their bodies and hair...
...The procession moved to where a match-maker and two ageing couples, pretending to be the bride and groom's parents, were seated.
Negotiations started with the groom's parents asking the bride's parents for their daughter Lamduan. After the deal was made, presents were handed to the bride's parents. Then two sides tied rings to the trunks of the trees, completing their engagement.

The ritual was designed to promote love of plants and nature, and the trees will be married on 8th March. Trees engaged in Thai-style ceremony to promote nature - Bangkok Post, 28th February 2003.

February 24, 2003

Spelling it out

Kenya: A government minister has laughed off attempts to bewitch him by people who misappropriated local authority funds.

He caused laughter during a meeting with chief officers, civic leaders and staff at the Kwale County Hall when he said some culprits may even try to bewitch him.
Some of those who have had a hand in stealing from Government coffers will try to use all means, including witchcraft, to evade detection but they will fail this time around, he warned.
The Minister said since his appointment to the Cabinet, he had lost weight due to his busy schedule.

He used the meeting to announce that, in future, only lawyers would be eligible for the position of Town Clerk. Govt will only hire lawyers as Town Clerks, says Maitha - East African Standard, 24th February 2003.

February 21, 2003

Amusing timewaster

Reasonably Clever's LEGO Tarot modestly describes itself as Possibly the goofiest attempt at a custom-made tarot deck. Ever. You can't buy it - the creator created all 72 cards for their own personal enjoyment - but it's a well-done variation on the Rider-Waite deck.

February 19, 2003

Jesus asked to demean self by acting as lawyer.

A man accused of tampering with a judge in Missouri has asked to have Jesus Christ represent him in court.

Richard John Adams requested Jesus Christ as his trial attorney during a hearing Wednesday on tampering charges. Adams, who described himself as a patriot and a Christian, says lawyers are devils who are trying to undermine the Constitution.

Unfortunately, the Son of God is unqualified and only a lawful attorney may represent defendents in Missouri's courts. Accused man requests Jesus Christ as trial attorney - ABC7 Chicago, 13th February 2003.

February 13, 2003

The Death Star, actually

390,000 people in England and Wales answered the controversial religion question on the 2001 census forms with 'Jedi'. The response was most popular in Brighton and Hove, where 2.6% of respondents claimed it as their religion. Census returns of the Jedi - BBC News, 13th February 2003.

Christians roasting on an open fire, lions nibbling at their toes...

Picked up a copy of the latest Weekly World News last night, because of the headline: Saddam feeds Christians to lions and a picture of a special non-shadow casting lion looming over a shadow-casting man (and looking somewhere else entirely). The 'story' comes from a missionary, so it must be true.

In another story, we learn that crop circles are post-it notes for aliens and Stonehenge is part of a worldwide network of markers and road maps for space travelers. Most importantly, the US National Security Agency uses the codes themselves to communicate with exrtraterrestrial travellers:

NSA uses crop circle memos to warn UFO pilots of upcoming spaceshots. We don't want a UFO crashing into a space shuttle.

It's nearly as good as Pravda!

February 7, 2003

Supersition in strange places?

I went to Boots to buy some hair dye the other day. The dye is normally £9.99, but they were offering a third off which is why it cost £6.65.

Yet More Shuttle Silliness

It's amazing what some people see in the artifacts you get when you over-process a low-resolution image. Wiolawa Press specialises in Extraterrestrial ART in Nature and has been quick to analyse Shuttle photos as they appeared on news websites. First, an analysis of a picture in the Louisville Courier:

this image has been from the one cut above and taken to desaturation.. black and white and enlarged to 1472 pixels per inch.. i believe from what im observing the SHUTTLE crew that survived were taken off the blown ship.. and you should be able to see what are called the BEKS ( little doctors of the ORIONS- who currently reside on earth i.e. under and above) probably administering to those who have injuries.. it is easy to see also on this image that one of the females is climbing out of one of the ships..probably from below to climb to the ship above to be rescued....... i think you will see there is alot happening in this photo enlargement, including CRITTERS you have never seen before.. from the LOUISVILLE PAPER PHOTO!!.. my take is that the ORIONS have taken the astronauts who survived.. however, i have no idea where they are taking them.. i suggest others do an analysis also and see what you observe and can find.. to verify these remarks.. ALSO THE CIRCULAR DISKS SEEM TO BE THE BEKS VEHICLES FOR INSPECTING THE SHIP AND ADMINISTERING TO THOSE WHO SURVIVED.. THE CIRCULAR VEHICLES ARE NOT DEBRIS!!!>> ah ho Wiolawa

And of an image published by CNN. This page has an exciting-sounding link to the analysis of the ILLUMINATI METHODICAL PLANNING BEHIND THIS HORRIFIC EVENT By S. Swerdlow, where we learn that the disaster was the Global Ceremony for the Iraq war and staged alien invasion, both leading to the NWO and the New World Religion.. He cites a long list of 'evidence' including:

* This was the 113th space shuttle flight.
* Columbia has been flying for 22 years (twinning).
* The shuttle took off on 01-16-2003, which equals a number 13.
* Ft. Hood, Texas is sending a recovery team calling it a 24/7 operation, which equals a number 13.
* CNN used a local station "13" in Florida to cover Cape Canaveral.
* The runway to which it was heading is Runway # 33 which is 3 miles long.
* 02-01-03 leaves 333 days in this year.
* The event took place on the exact anniversary week of the Challenger accident in 1986.
* The event took place on the date of the Chinese New Year.
* The event took place on the date of a New Moon.
* Challenger exploded while taking off; Columbia exploded while landing--a completion cycle.

I wonder which Chinese New Year took place when it wasn't the New Moon. Meanwhile, New World Disorder is tracking Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster Conspiracies, Anomalies and Oddities.

February 6, 2003

Today's Shuttle nonsense

Dead people - live on TV.

A US TV channel is to show a pay-per-view seance during which psychics will attempt to contact Princess Diana. The $9 show will be shown on March 9th and features interviews with unbiased observers such as Mohammed al-Fayed and Andrew Morton. It will be broadcast live from London and features mediums who had regular contact with Diana. US cable channel to screen Diana seance - Ananova, 6th February 2003.

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