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September 21, 2003

South African Muti

South Africa: A recent soap episode has highlighted the widespread use of 'muti' to bring luck, ward off bad luck or attract a lover.

In the series Refiloe went to a sangoma to get a potion that would make Bra Zeb love her more. In the beginning it seemed as though it was working, until Bra Zeb got sick. When he found out that Refiloe was putting muti in his food, he kicked her out.

But, of course, it isn't witchcraft, honest, according to Selina Letsoko, a sangoma in Johannesburg's inner city:

Witches work as group and they are the ones spoiling everything. Their muti doesn't help, it kills. Sangomas are there to help, we have ancestors that guide us.

Use of love potions rife in real life - IOL, 20th September 2003.

Christian spell doesn't work

United States: Pat Robertson recently urged his followers to cast a spell, sorry, pray in the name of Jesus to turn Hurricane Isabel away.

On today's broadcast of The 700 Club, Robertson gave God credit for turning past hurricanes away in response to prayer.

Praying in the name of Jesus, Robertson said he believes that God will put up a wall of protection.

He added that he and those praying with him command this storm to go out into the sea and to pass land harmlessly.

Robertson has a history of blaming disasters on the behaviour of the people affected, and claiming that they are punishments from God for 'crimes' such as tolerance of homosexuality. As Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell observes:

Remember when Pat Robertson suggested that gay-pride flags in Orlando might incur God's wrath in the form of a storm? How odd, since Isabel is now heading toward Virginia Beach -- where Pat is.

Pat Robertson prays that Hurricane Isabel will turn awayHampton Roads NewsChannel 3, 17th September 2003 (via Stageleft—scroll down to find the story if you appear to have a blank right column—the layout is hosed); Taking Names: Hurricane IsabelOrlando Sentinel, 18th September 2003.

September 13, 2003

The terrible effects of caffeine

Canada: Did an Ontario Tory have David Icke in mind when mailing out a press release to news organisations. For Friday's release had something rather odd to say about the Liberal leader: Dalton McGuinty: He's an evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planet. Without apologising, Tory leader Ernie Eves tried to explain it all away as a failed attempt at humour: I think someone either had way too much coffee this morning or had way too much time. PCs call Liberal leader a kitten eater -, 12th September 2003.

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