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February 13, 2006

Don't tell them their neighbours shower in the nude!

Scotland: I'm beginning to get really worried about drinking the tap water round here, even when it's filtered. You see, there seems to be something in it which turns you into an irrational loon, although evidence so far seems to suggest it only affects Christians.

First, one of the nearest churches to Prattle Towers (Northern Hemisphere): Loons Trying to Close Tourist Attraction. Then, an even nearer one, Greenside Parish Church, did something which I was going to put in the Prattle and never got round to. I think it was connected with Jerry Springer: The Opera.

Today's it's the turn of St. Paul's, Pilrig. Situated on a busy junction, with really illogical traffic lights, you would think that the parents in the congregation would have some very real worries about their children's safety. But heavy traffic, doesn't seem to be that important, nor is the pawn shop over the road. What worries them is that the Church has a nice, tall steeple, perfect for disguising a mobile phone mast, and a phone company has offered them money to use it for that very purpose.

Joette Thomas, 38, of Parents Against Masts, said: I don't want my three and eight-year-old girls exposed to potentially harmful radiation so that people can get porn on their mobile phones. That a church is facilitating this is outrageous. They should drop this plan now.

Should we let them know about that enormous nuclear reactor, extensively used as a source of power, that's located only 93 million miles away?

Church accused of profiting from phone pornographyEdinburgh Evening News, 13th February 2006 (thanks, Roy).

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