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October 22, 2006

Beware of pervy demons!

United States (where else?): Crap in bed? Having trouble getting it up? Homosexual? It's probably all the fault of demons, at least according Erica Shepherd, who runs a Sexual Exorcism, Healing, Deliverance Ministry!

Your Sexual Problem May very well be Spiritual? ... Once you have been A Victim Of this type of Spiritual Sexual Abuse You require Personal Exorcism Healing Deliverance Ministry

But how could the demons have found you? The possibilities are endless, but naturally, we're only going to mention the really, really silly ones here.

I have prayed with people who have had these sex Demons unloosed upon them by witchcraft.

I have prayed with people who have had these sex Demons unloosed upon them though Astral Projection.

I have prayed with people who have had these sex Demons unloosed upon them through sleepin in a Hotel room bed and not praying over the room first.

I have prayed with people who out of contex, really believe that "Jesus" has become their husband and Is providing them with sexual gratification.

I prayed with another lady, who went to a foreign Country and was made a Spiritual bride, without Knowing it and she was plagued with a sex Demon, so badly that she almost went crazy.

And if you feel the call to help people afflicted in such a manner, you can always attend her Exorcism Healing Deliverance School.

(via The High Weirdness Project, in alt.conspiracy)

October 12, 2006

Normal service to resume shortly

A few short items for you:

October 9, 2006

Having a veil of a time

United Kingdom: There has been much fuss in the British press of late after a man with severe hearing problems who lipreads, mentioned that the full veil worn by some Muslim women made communication difficult for him. It's been all over the net too, so here are a few select articles:

Several things that no-one has been saying—Roz Kaveney in Silence Exile and Crumpets, 7th October 2006.

Why Muslim women should thank Straw—Saira Khan in The Times, 9th October 2006.

And Jesus and Mo were rather quick to comment on the situation, too.

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