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August 31, 2003

Yay for Auntie Sue...

Canada: The Hugo award for best fan artist went to well-known pagan craftswoman Sue Mason. The award was accepted on her behalf by Mary Kay Kare at a ceremony in Toronto last night. Hugo Award Winners - Locus, 30th August 2003.

August 25, 2003

In God we insist

Gary Younge has an interesting article in today's Grauniad discussing the role of religion in US politics, the contradictions between the constitution and the beliefs of the fundamentalists and the problems it has caused in international relations:

America's religiosity is not something it shares with even its few western allies, let alone the many countries that oppose its current path. Yet another poll shows that among countries where people believe religion to be very important, America's views are closer to Pakistan's and Nigeria's than to France's or Germany's.

He concludes:

Bush speaks in the name of the founding fathers but believes he is doing the work of the holy father. He cannot do both and condemn fundamentalism. But if he feels he must try, he might start with the sixth commandment: Thou shalt not kill.

God help America - The Guardian, 25th August 2003.

August 22, 2003

Incensed politician

Ireland: Altar boys and girls are being exposed to danger, according to an Irish government minister, and it isn't the usual problem.

Jim McDade, who is a former family doctor, said the children were at risk because they inhaled the carcinogenic smoke produced when incense is burnt close by.
Here you have quite a thick billowing type of smoke. Sometimes you see the children with this instrument which is down normally around their ankles, and the smoke just keeps coming up, Dr McDade said.
And sometimes I cringe when I see them literally inhaling this, because sometimes there is an aroma of it and all I was trying to do was making people aware.

Which should worry Wiccans, and other incense-prone groups too. Irish minister links incense to cancer - BBC News, 22nd August 2003.

August 6, 2003

Saying sorry

Japan: Last week, a student at Kwansei Gakuin University allegedly burned 14,000 paper cranes destined for the memorial to those killed in the nuclear annihilation of Hiroshima 58 years ago. As an apology, staff, graduates and students at the university have made and donated 91,000 cranes. Univ. in Hiroshima crane-burning vandalism sends replacements - Japan Today, 6th August 2003.

Details of vigils in Scotland; Details of vigils in England and Wales; How to make an origami crane

August 2, 2003

Thoughts for the day

Here are a few interesting items that have caught my attention lately:

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