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November 28, 2003

God is a poof.

Hopefully, some fundies will be upset by Joe Perez's assertions that God is Gay.

God made some men gay, because He made them in His image. God made gay men to love in gay ways, because God loves in gay ways. The beauty of gay men reflects the beauty of God. The beauty of gay ways of loving reflects the beauty of God's gay ways of loving. When someone fears and hates a gay man, he or she fears and hates God. When someone denegrates, despises, loathes, and harms a gay man, he or she denegrates, despises, loathes, and harms God.

November 18, 2003

Bikini waxers against Bush!

Women are invited to take part in a most unusual protest this week, to coincide with George W. Bush's visit to the UK. The Scrap-Bush Women's Collective invites us to protest by

Shaving their bushes and sending the trimmings to the Queen. Put them in an envelope with a note saying, We've got rid of our bush, you get rid of yours! When you have done this please send us an e-mail at: God_shave_the_queen-s@yahoogroups.com. You don't have to put your name if you don't want to, we would just like an idea of the number of women who have taken part in the action.

Among the reasons given for the protest is the observation that Women's liberation has been used as justification for the wars pursued by the Bush administration, yet women have been left exposed to high levels of violence in the countries the Bush administration has targeted and there has been no significant increase in women's rights. Call for Women's actions against Bush's visit - Indymedia UK, 4th November 2003.

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