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February 19, 2004


United States: Dealing with a derailment isn't necessarily a simple operation.

THIEF RIVER FALLS, Minn. -- The rabbi walked along a side track of the Canadian Pacific Railway in this northwestern Minnesota city of 8,000, making sure things were kosher.

Rabbi Yosef Grossbaum of St. Paul was hired by CPR to oversee the transfer Thursday of kosher canola oil from one big tanker car to another.

The Rabbi was not needed for any special rituals, but to make sure the rules were followed:

How have you used that hose? Grossbaum asked Jon Kumlin of Hulcher Services, CPR's car-moving contractor, about the 4-inch plastic hose that was hooked between the two tankers. Assured it was steam cleaned between uses, Grossbaum moved to a 55-gallon drum of water heated by a propane burner. He instructed Kumlin on how to dip a heavy elbow-shaped fitting into the water to cleanse it for use in pumping the oil out of the damaged tanker.

The water needed to be boiling, to follow biblical rules on kosher liquids dating to Moses' time, Grossbaum said.

Rabbi makes sure derailment cleanup is kosherTwinCities.com, 1st March 2003 (via Tim Hall).

February 14, 2004

In lieu of a postcard

United States: The reason Redwolf appears to have taken over is that I am posting this from a hotel room in Boston, where I am attending a science fiction convention. As well as Boskone, the hotel is filled with delegates to a different sort of convention - the Vision New England (Uniting Christians for Evangelism, Discipleship and Celebration) Congress 2004 asks Do you and your church know their purpose?.

Just Imagine the excitement in your church if everyone was functioning under the same set of life-changing purposes. This weekend will encourage you to look at your life in a new way - through the lens of God's eternal purposes.

To help you acheive this, you have a choice of workshops on topics such as Alienating your neighbours Targeting Your Community for Evangelism & Attracting a Crowd to Worship and the intriguing Empowering Your Core for Ministry. Unfortuantely, as I have just discovered that there was no session on Increasing your understanding of elevators by reading the instructions.

By the way, should anyone be dropping in from Making Light, Teresa says Hello.

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