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May 19, 2006


Scotland: A Dundee service was made considerably more entertaining when the minister popped out to powder his nose, and forgot to remove his clip on microphone first.

The Rev John Hawdon was standing in for Elizabeth Kay at Longforgan Parish Church in Perthshire.

But when nature called during a break in proceedings, he forgot to switch off his microphone, which broadcast his every splash and sigh to the congregation.

Speaking at his home in Dundee last night, Mr Hawdon said: I actually had a walk during the service, as I often do. But the congregation must have heard everything. I wasn't aware that I still had my microphone on.

A parishioner said: It was mortifying. Every sound boomed and echoed around the church. We all sat there looking at each other, totally embarrassed. One or two folk managed a wee giggle.

Minister's microphone causes a wee splash at churchThe Scotsman, 19th May 2006 (thanks Roy!).

May 11, 2006

Someone tell them about the internet

Ireland: A number of churches illegally broadcasting services have caused problems at Dublin Airport, with bursts of static interfering with air traffic control radio. The priests concerned were broadcasting as a service to housebound parishoners, and the relevant authority is now working on a way to let them do so legally, and without causing problems.

On a wing and a prayer: radio sermons risk flightsThe Guardian, 11th May 2006.

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