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July 17, 2002

Virgin Mary and the horse's dong

A bronze statue of a horse has been forced to don iron underpants in case another statue - of the Virgin Mary - is offended by its anatomincal accuracy. The local anti-vivisection league in Catania, Sicily, has complained. Representative Alfio Lisi said:

Covering a bronze statue's genitals is a thoroughly irresponsible and inconceivable act. Someone should explain to the municipality that we're not living in the Middle Ages anymore. Acts like this have been done in the past, but don't they realise that it was God who created all the creatures as they are, including their genitals? I don't think that the Madonna's statue will be embarrassed by the sight of bronze genitals and above all, art shouldn't really be censored whatsoever.

Iron pants cover horse statue's genitals for religious procession - Ananova, July 17th 2002.

July 12, 2002

Unusual Japanese shrines

Japan: Mainichi Daily News WaiWai republishes articles from Japan's "wild weeklies". Japan's religious oddities -- from 2 meter woodies to temple of the mount, from Spa! looks at some of the more unusual Shinto and Buddhist shrines to be found around the country.

Kanayama Jinja Shrine in Kawasaki plays a similar role. Its grounds contain myriad phallic statues adorned with prayer boards written by followers whose fears about fornication give them the willies.

Craftsmen who used fire or iron during the Edo Period (1603-1868) had a deep belief in the god Kanayama. People soon made the link between tools that spark fire and harmony among couples,the shrine's chief priestess Kimiko Nakamura tells Spa!. The shrine is said to answer the prayers of those seeking lots of offspring and prevent venereal diseases. Recently, it's said to ward off AIDS and ensure the success of sex change operations.

Other shrines focus on traditional fertility problems and on getting people together in the first place.

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