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March 29, 2004

Vegetarianism not Satanic, after all

Cambodia: A man has cut off his own penis, but not because of any Christian guilt, or because God told him to, but because he needed to feed some visiting spirits and had no other meat to offer them.

According to police, 33-year-old Soun Ney told the spirits to go away when they first appeared to ask for food, and waved his penis at them in defiance.
Devils, I don't have any chicken or duck for you, he was quoted as saying by local police chief Phoeung Vat. If you want to eat anything, you can eat my penis.
Soun Ney said the spirits agreed to eat his penis. He was rushed to a hospital near the capital Phnom Penh after he castrated himself with a butcher's knife.

Cambodian cuts off penis to feed spirits - Yahoo! News, 29th March 2004 (via The Cult of Father Darwin).

March 17, 2004

If thine prick offend thee.

Canada: A man ran naked through the streets of Penticton, yelling Repent, repent, fornicators after cutting off his own penis and testicles. The severed parts were later found on a bulding site, but it was not known whether any attempt was made to re-attach them. The man was detained under the Mental Health Act. Unkindest cut of all - Calgary Sun, 11th March 2004.

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