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July 23, 2004

Vilja a allstór getnaþarlimur?

Even the Vikings were bothered about the size of their willies according to an academic based in Cardiff. Dr Carl Phelpstead of Cardiff University's School of English, Communication and Philosophy told the International Medieval Congress, held in Leeds last week, about the cultural-historical significance of three remarkable accounts of penile problems in the texts know as 'Sagas of Icelanders'.

In the Sagas of Icelanders, as today, a man is expected to have an appropriately sized penis and to be able, when occasion demands, to make it even larger; an unexpectedly small penis or an inability to achieve an erection leads to mockery and humiliation.
In one example, in Grettir's saga, a serving woman bursts out laughing when she sees Grettir Asmundarson naked. She remarks: it seems to me extraordinary how small he is below - I would not have believed it if someone had told me. The defensive Grettir points out that his large testicles compensate for his small penis.

Even the Vikings were troubled by the thought that size matters - News-Medical.Net, 23rd July 2004.

July 5, 2004


United States: Protecting the innocent little kiddiewinks from evil pornography is not as simple as you might think, as 'mjsmitho' observes:

I was watching Fox News, during Greta Van Susteren, during which a promo for Your World with Neil Cavuto came on about protecting kids from porn. Well this is what I saw, a poor attempt to censor porn!!
They clearly blur the tit and apparently miss the big penis and penetration...

Needless to say, if you work for prudes, then the evidence is not suitable for work. I'm surprised anyone could miss a stiffy that big...

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