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September 22, 2004

Unconventional love magick

South Africa: A traditional healer is due to appear in court on a charge of raping a client who became suspicious of his unorthodox methods of applying potions.

The healer is accused of smearing muti on his penis, and then using it to inject the muti into the woman's vagina, said Capricorn police spokesperson, Captain Mohale Ramatseba, on Tuesday.

The muti was supposed to make the woman's boyfriend more interested in her, said Ramatseba.

But when the muti failed to work, the 21-year-old woman returned to the healer on Monday to complain.

When the healer prepared to inject her again, she ran to the Polokwane police station and reported him for rape.

When he tried it again this week and said he'd have to penetrate her deeper, she realised she was being taken for a ride, said Ramatseba.

Healer uses 'penis muti' - News24, 21st September 2004.

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