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December 21, 2005

Everyone say 'Aww.....'

Wales: Among the many same-sex couples entering into legally-binding civil partnerships in England and Wales today are Philip Main and David Girvan. The Wrexham pair chose to wear their white Druid robes for the ceremony.

The 20-minute partnership ceremony at Wrexham's register office was an emotional event and as the pair walked down the aisle to classical music, their guests moved in their seats nervously.

Mr Main, 49, and Mr Girvan, 53, held hands as they exchanged their vows and swapped wedding rings.

There was a round of applause as an emotional registrar named them civil partners.

In case anyone has any doubts about whether it will last, they have been handfasted for the last 16 years. Coincidently, the first day on which the ceremony could take place is also the Winter Solstice. Alas, they will not be able to get drunk tonight, as both of them are performing in a pantomime.

Meanwhile, a Church of England vicar who has entered into a civil partnership with his boyfriend of 21 years has been threatened with disciplinary action by his bishop, as has the vicar who performed the blessing service after the event.

Druids become gay civil partnersBBC News, 21st December 2005; Gay vicar flouts partnership ruleBBC News, 21st December 2005.

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