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November 1, 2006

Religious conversion story

United Kingdom: Sex changes aren't that unusual these days, and the overwhelming majority of patients have a genuine reason for undergoing the rather dramatic process. Sometimes, though, it's not the right answer. Take the case of 'Patient D' who appears to have had a few other issues.

Patient D told the hearing that by the summer of 1996 she was exhibiting symptoms of mania, including religious delusions...

By the time of her final appointment with Dr Reid she believed she was communicating with people psychically, could start and stop trains with her mind, and had the power to cure people's poor eyesight.

Patient D told the hearing she thought she was turning into Jesus and that becoming a man would complete that transformation.

I believed I was becoming Jesus, which I understand is common in manic depression, and having the sex change was part of that, she said.

In this case, an incident which led to her being sectioned ensured that planned surgery never took place and after treatment for her mental problems, she no longer felt the need to change sex. The matter is now the subject of a charge of professional misconduct against the doctor who treated her.

Woman wanted sex change 'to become Christ'The Guardian, 1st November 2006.

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